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The What Is It ANSWER

This was fun. Many of you were close with your answers but Beth (aka Lisi Bee aka Edna) was the first one to get it correct along with Elise on Facebook. It is a macro of the sprinkler shot above that I took at the Botanical Gardens in their Garden of Fragrance. It's nice to see something other than a flower, huh? Thanks all.

The What Is It Contest

It's a macro of something of which I see about three times a week. That is your only clue. Are there any prizes you ask? Nope, just for fun.

Stems Give Birth

stems give birth
in full bloom

From my latest book - Petals Unfold

That Old Devil Moon


Macro Monday - Insects

A leaf her landing strip.

On an SF coyote mint flower.

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Mellow Yellow Monday #75

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Taken with my camera:

South African Agapanthus


Macro Flowers Saturday - Colorful Flowers


Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Photo courtesy of the LA Times

Photo courtesy of

There are so many memories that have taken root in my mind and heart while growing up listening to Michael and his music. To list just one song or one memory is impossible. I've loved Michael ever since I was a child listening to the Jackson 5. His death touched me deeply and on this one year anniversary I wanted to pay tribute to the kind and loving person he was and the extraordinary musician he was. I have many favorite Michael Jackson songs but I wanted today to bring you Earth Song - one of the most heartfelt and important songs ever written by Michael. Take time to watch and really listen to the lyrics. Understand that we all need to protect and save our earth from destruction because it is in our hands and we all need to do our part to save our home.

RIP Micheal, we love you.

Shying Away

shying away
blowing petal kisses
carried by the wind

From my new photography & haiku book, Petals Unfold. Click the widget for more details

Watery Wednesday - San Francisco & Hong Kong

The Golden Gate Bridge & SF Bay taken from China Beach

Same as above view taken with zoom lens

The Star Ferry on Victoria Harbor Hong Kong - taken in March 2008

Victoria Harbor Hong Kong at Sunset taken March 2008

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Night and Day - Moon View

Taken with my new camera

Mellow Yellow & Macro Monday - Flower Garden

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