Mellow Yellow Monday #75


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Taken with my camera:


fini said…
What a vibrant yellow everywhere! It's a good weather over there, I bet:) Have a great week!!
Ma.links said…
Gorgeous flower-shots! Love the first one.
This post shines with a fantastic range of yellows! Especially love the detail in the first flower!
eileeninmd said…
Beautiful yellow flowers, great shots!
july_blogista said…
Wow!!! amazing and oh so radiating yellow! i love your macrOs! they are indeed loveLy! :)
Stephanie V said…
Gorgeous macros. I love them all but especially the green leaves. Nice.
fini, thanks, yes we are having a couple of very warm days, it's beautiful but won't last long :D

malinks, thank you very much

Greyscale, thank you so much.

eileen, Thanks for visiting and commenting

Manang, thanks :)

judy, thanks so much for your kind words.

Stephanie, Thanks I love photographing leaves just for their detail.
Liz @ MLC said…
Awesome flowers.

Happy MYM!

Liz @ MLC
RNSANE said…
What great finds for mellow yellow, Jo. I love the first one. It's my favorite of the whole spectacular set.
DoanLegacy said…
Wow..fantastic yellow flowers, and green too!
Ann said…
Gorgeous yellow shots. You got some good ones here.
Dani said…
very very very beautiful flower pictures.

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