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Unbridled Passion by Joanne Olivieri

Lips, caressing  bare skin touching my essence in unbridled passion

Refreshed by Joanne Olivieri


Ocean waves beckon cleansing the chaos in my mind sun kissed, refreshed
Poem and photos taken at Ocean Beach in San Francisco by Joanne Olivieri

Autumn Moon by Joanne Olivieri

Autumn moon embrace my heart with melancholy whispers until dawn

Photo and poem by Joanne Olivieri

Autumn Rebirth by Joanne Olivieri

We flourishyear beyond year in bountiful succulence only to be peeled in succession rind into flesh scattering seeds  of responsibility
our pulp exposed it's juices sucked through a sieve secreting droplets of expectations until we become  a dehydrated cornucopia awaiting replenishment in Autumns ascent.

The Creation Times

A huge thank you to Jatinder Aulakh for publishing my work in the India based The Creation Times.

Soulful Reflections by Joanne Olivieri book review by Christine Tabaka


Joanne Olivieri Author Spotlight Book Page


Quietude by Joanne Olivieri

Presenting my new full length poetry book Quietude now available on LuLu.

Quietude Info and Ordering

Twilight Moon

twilight moona slave to my desiresfill me with your darknessravage my essencewith nocturnal rhythms.
Photo and poem by Joanne Olivieri Joanne Olivieri Website

Becoming Michelle Obama book review by Joanne Olivieri

Becoming by Michelle Obama is the most powerful and inspiring book I have ever read.  In my opinion, it should be a mandatory reading assignment for young people everywhere.  
Her detailed, honest and candid words make you feel as if you are experiencing her unique journey through life while walking beside her.  From her young years on the South side to the halls of Princeton and Harvard and the marble halls of the white house you experience love, heart wrenching loss, and everything in between. I found myself, smiling, laughing, crying and feeling empowered with each turn of the page.
A strong woman with deep conviction and passion for her family she was able to balance the demands of Motherhood and her obligations for the greater good as FLOTUS.  Her passion for children and her community fueled her talents to create programs which mentored and taught young people that, yes, they are good enough, to get where they wanted to be and create what they wanted in life.  She mentored and in…