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Mellow Yellow Monday - Yellow Essence

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Macro Monday - Cacti & Succulents


Sundays in my City - The Golden Gate Bridge

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Flowers on Saturday #5

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Camera Critters - At The Botanical Gardens

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Macro Flowers Saturday

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SkyWatch Friday

The sun peeks through the clouds.

The sun peeks through the trees

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Thursday Two Questions #7

Halloween is just a few days away. I took this shot in my neighborhood and added a few things to make it look scarier than it really was in person.

My two questions:

1. Do you celebrate Halloween?

2. Whether you celebrate or not, do you think Halloween is just for children?

My answers:

1. I did as a child but not anymore.

2. Yes, I think it should be just for children to enjoy.

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Watery Wednesday - Japanese Moon Viewing Garden


Ruby Tuesday - Fuchsia


GE Power Pro X5 14MP 15X Zoom SLR-Style Digital Camera

I have had my new camera now for over a month and decided to write a review. Those of you reading this blog regularly know that the Olympus I bought earlier this year was a wonderful camera in several aspects until it completely stopped working after four months. Long story short, I needed a new camera and found this GE Power Pro series to be perfect for my needs.

Before I ordered it there were only two aspects that had me wondering if I should order it at all. First the GE brand. Now I knew GE to be a great brand for some things but I never knew they made cameras. Second this camera did not have a super macro lens like my Olympus did. However given my financial state at the time and the fact that I had researched literally dozens and dozens of cameras, I always found myself coming back to this GE.

Initially, the look is what drew me to this camera. It's stylish, not too heavy for an SLR camera and fits perfectly in your hands. You can order the camera in white, red or bla…

Blue Monday - Neighborhood Murals

Located on the side of an apartment building in the sunset district. Depicts the city background and the N Judah streetcar line.

This is a very cute little spot in the sunset district that serves organic eats. I loved the name and artwork.

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Mellow Yellow Monday - Autumn Leaves

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