Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday - I Left My Heart...

In addition to Tony Bennett being a legendary singer, he is also an accomplished artist. The heart shown above was painted and donated to San Francisco by Tony and sits in residence in Union Square at the heart of San Francisco.

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Ashley Sisk said…
I did not know that! Great shot.
Ashley, thanks so much, yes, he is multi-talented.
Ms. Diva said…
What a cool shot! I love it!!
Jan said…
Very interesting post and shot. It's good to learn something new.
Ruthi said…
awesome! this is indeed a great piece of art.
Priyanka, thanks so much

Ms. Diva, thanks and I love your Disneyland shot. It's awesome!

Jan, thank you for visiting and have a great weekend.

Ruthi, Thanks, I thought it was pretty cool.
Ann said…
The heart is beautiful. The song "I left my heart in San Francisco" reminded me of my dad. He loved to sing and that was one of the many songs I used to hear often when I was growing up.
Janis said…
I knew he loved to paint...but I did not realize how good he was. Thats a great shot!
Wow. That is a wonderful thing to see.

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