Watery Wednesday - Ocean Beach and Lands End

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Clarissa said…
Awww....the beach is inviting!Wanna walk along the beach with bare foot^_^

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day!
Anonymous said…
Great ocean shots Jo... Happy WW!
Clarissa, I agree, that's the only way to walk along the beach :)

Dawn, Thanks and to you as well :)
i loved beaches. lovely shots :)
Luna Miranda said…
beautiful place, fabulous shots.
Mickey1 said…
Wonderful shots! I love Ocean Beach, and these pics are really special.
eileeninmd said…
Beautiful shots of the beach, looks like my kind of place.
Ann said…
Gorgeous. I could sit there all day and take in the view.
DorothyL said…
Brings back so many memories...very romantic indeed~
You just can't beat the seaside, in my opinion!!! Beautiful.

My watery photos are shrimp boats coming in and a sailboat going out. Do stop by if you get a chance.
rainfield61 said…
There are so many black dots on the rocky island.
RNSANE said…
Ah, nice, always, out there, even when it rains. Is that our Manfred?
Gary said…
I have always ocean scenes. Thanks for posting this, Joanne!
lina said…
You made me wish I can get away and be at the beach right now! ;)
Cecilia Artista said…
Just gorgeous! Wonderful photos!
Mumsy said…
Gorgeous ocean view, and fantastic photos!
DoanLegacy said…
Love ocean view, and these photos are fantastic!
Kim, USA said…
I could almost smell the fresh air! I wonder what's that building?
Watery Wednesday
Anonymous said…
Although several of the shots would make beautiful paintings, I love the first one; it is downright canvas ready.
Unknown Mami said…
My husband and daughter were there yesterday.
NatureFootstep said…
that´s a great place to live at. Might be windy, but so what?
maiaT said…
Beautiful shots, love to see the ocean.
The little seagull, alone in the vast immensity of the ocean and sky is my favorite.
Thanks, Chub.

Priyanaka, I do as well, they are so much fun

Luna, Thank you

Mickey, yeah, and I happened to catch it on a gorgeous blue sky day - no fog :D

Coffeveggie, thank you

Eileen, yes, you would definitely love it there.

Ann, I've done just that :)

Dorothy, aw, yes it is, thank you

Hootin, I totally agree with you.

Rainfield, you are just too cute :)

Carmen, Yes, he wanted to pose in a pic for you. He says " it's been too long ."

Gary, you are welcome

lina, :) glad you enjoyed it

Cecilia, thank you

Thanks, Mumsy :)

Doan, you are sweet, thanks.

Kim, thanks, that is the Cliff House restaurant and bar.

Chey, I am so glad you like it. Give me a few weeks and you may be seeing it in person :)

Mami, I try and get there as often as I can. Thanks for stopping by.

Nature, It is very windy at times but these shots were taken on the perfect day. There are sometimes it's so windy that you cannnot even hold the camera still.
Maia, Isn't he precious? There is so much bird wildlife out there and the seagulls happen to be very camera friendly :) Thanks.
Pam said…
Beautiful beaches, blue sea and skies.. what more could any one want. All are gorgeous shot, nicely done.
Pagan Sphinx said…
I love San Francisco and I love your photos. Each one is a gem.

Wonderful shots - looks so inviting for a walk but the water does look cold!
Annie said…
Such beautiful vistas. The Cliff House photo is my favorite. I've always been surprised when driving by this beach, how unpopulated it feels. Looking at this, it is hard to imagine that just up the road is one of the most fabulous cities in the world.
Rossel said…
great shots! are those doves on the big rock?
Shades of Blue.
Self Sagacity said…
We seem to have a lot of those seagulls in CA. Lovely shots of the water.
Ruthi said…
I probably won't get tired of the beaches. it makes me feel it's summer forever.

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