Weeping Sequoia & Monterey Cypress Trees


***Icy BC said…
It has an unusual shape, and so tall! I like the texture of the tree trunk..Great photos, Jo!
MedaM said…
Wonderful photos. I especially like the perspective in the first photo. The tree looks spectacular. There is a woods in my town with Sequoia trees. I too posted some photos of these giant and beautiful trees last year, I think.
Kass said…
I love trees. They're my friends.
Andrea said…
Everybody read a lot and heard a lot about these trees especially the weeping syquoia! But it looks so personal in these photos as if we are the ones who went there. BTW, do you know what first comes to mind in seeing it?...shaggy very dry hair of a streetwalker! sorry about that.
Denise said…
Your photos are fantastic. I love the patterns of bark on trees.
Ann said…
Such grand looking trees. I've always loved the weeping variety
rainfield61 said…
They are the giants in the forest.
Jean said…
I wonder if they would grow here in the SE? I must look them up. Love the angles of your shots!
*MrsMartinez* said…
Scary tree huh?
RNSANE said…
I didn't realize sequoias wept! My favorite of those that cry are weeping willows, which seem a more dainty variety. This one is a huge fellow!
Icy, yeah those tree trunks are massive

MedaM, I'll have to check your blog. I'd love to see them. The tree was so tall I almost fell over taking the shot :)

Kass, same here - my next life, I decided I want to be a tree :)

Andrea, LMAO!!!

Denise, I do too, they are fascinating.

Ann, thanks me too :)

rainfield, they certainly are.

Jean, you know what, I don't know. I'll have to check that out.

Michelle, It is gorgeous in person :)

Carmen, Yeah, the weeping willows are more graceful than this guy :)
ruthi said…
these are some of the many things i want to see in California when I go visit in December.

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