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Today's Flowers #253

Taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens Protea Cynaroides Bulb (King Protea native to South Africa)
Taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens Bush Anemone
Taken at The Rose Garden in San Francisco
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Outdoor Wednesday #233

All Photos Taken @ San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

Photo courtesy of
I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and watching Farrah Fawcett.  Two true legends gone way too soon.  They will always be remembered by me as two loving and caring souls who lived their passions and were admired and loved by many.
On this, the anniversary of their death, I want to pay tribute to them by remembering what they gave all of us.
RIP Michael and Farrah.

Tranquil Reflections

tranquil reflections
rest upon the lily pond
mirror to the soul

Sundays In My City - Help Find Sean Sidi

I normally do not post anything like this on Poetic Shutterbug but this particular case is personal.  Sean is a regular visitor to the Botanical Garden in San Francisco, where I work.  I have seen him many times at the garden, as it is one of his favorite spots in Golden Gate Park.  He is a friendly and sweet guy who because of his previous brain injury is very fragile.

I and some of my coworkers were shocked and extremely saddened to hear of his disappearance on May 21st, a month ago.  He was last known to be in the area of Golden Gate Park when he went missing.

Sean is 19 years old and has a traumatic brain injury which makes it imperative that he be found ASAP.  There have been searches conducted both in Golden Gate Park, the Ocean Beach area and personally within our garden (the botanical garden).

For all the details you can visit his website at

It has been a month and I cannot stress enough that he needs to be found.  There are flyers all over San Francis…

Camera Critters #172

This is Wilbur the Barn Owl at the San Francisco zoo and my adopted son :)

Wilbur has a beautiful wing span and his feathers are as soft as satin to the touch.

Wilbur looking very happy at feeding time.

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Outdoor Wednesday #232

Rose garden in Golden Gate Park.
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Couch made of a tree trunk outdoors at the California Academy of Sciences
Ducks having a splash at the San Francisco Zoo.
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Our World Tuesday Week 95 - Baby Giraffe at the San Francisco zoo

All photos taken at the San Francisco Zoo.
The African Savanna is one of my favorite areas of the zoo.  It just became a little more special after the birth of this baby giraffe a few weeks ago.  She is just adorable so I wanted to share some photos I took.  The video below is the SF Zoo video of this little beauty. Enjoy!

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Macro Monday 2 Flowers

Photos taken at the San Francisco zoo
Agapanthus bud
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Skywatch Friday - The Skies Over Ocean Beach

Photos taken at Ocean Beach

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Macro Monday 2

Paeonia "Qing Xiang Bai" Tree Peony Photo taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

Japanese Iris Photo taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

Matilija Poppy )Romneya Coulteri) aka Fried Egg Plant native to California Photo taken at the Spreckels Lake
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Weekend Reflections #193

Photo Taken @ The San Francisco Zoo
Photo Taken @ Metson Lake
Photo Taken @ Metson Lake
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Thursday Two Questions Meme #141

Photos taken at North Lake at the Chain of Lakes in Golden Gate Park
I was wandering around Golden Gate Park today searching for Sean Sidiwho went missing in San Francisco on May 21st.  Long story short, he is a regular visitor to the Botanical Garden, a sweet, quiet and unassuming young guy who is recovering from a brain injury.  Because of his brain injury he is very fragile and we are all desperate to find him.  You can read more about him by clicking his name link in this paragraph or any one of the flyer photos posted on my blog.  
While searching around the chain of lakes, I came across this raccoon by the edge of the lake.  Now, although I love animals, raccoons are not my favorites, whatsoever.  I took a couple of quick shots of him then got out of that area in a hurry.
My two questions this week are:
1.  Have you ever come across some wild animals where you live?
2.  If so, how did you handle the situation?

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Outdoor Wednesday #230 San Francisco Zoo Plant Life

Matilija Poppy native to California
It's not just about animals at the San Francisco zoo.  The plant life is alive and well and in full bloom.  All photos taken at the SF Zoo.
Agapanthus Lily of the Nile native to South Africa
Protea native to South Africa
Roses in bloom.

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