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Flower Parade

Photos taken at the San Francisco zoo Red Passiflora (Passion Flower)
Red Rose
Of the succulent family.  Cannot remember the name.

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Photos taken at the San Francisco zoo

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Macro Hippo Snout

Taken at the San Francisco zoo

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Big Bugs

Today marked the opening of the Big Bugs Outside the Box exhibition at the San Francisco zoo.  These life like sculptures of bugs and insects are simply amazing to see.  I am not a bug person so I didn't know if I would like seeing these so huge and up close but I loved it.  To see these creatures in detail gave me a new appreciation for the insect life.  
The exhibition also includes detailed information about each species along with history and interesting facts.  If you are in the San Francisco area, this is a must see exhibition.
Formosan Long - Armed Male Scarab Beetle These beetles use their long arm appendages to fight for female beetles and tree branches.  They are losing their habitat in the wild and are currently fighting for survival.
Female Watanabe's Lanternfly These critters were called lanternflies because it was thought that the golden appendage on their heads would light up in the dark.  However, they do not light up so there is really no use for the lanternf…

The Rose Garden

More from the Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park

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Theme Thursday Doors

These photos were taken in Hollywood, CA back in July 2013. This particular photo is one of the doors to the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.  Formerly known as Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
Door to the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

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Seal Rock

Photos taken at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.
In short, Seal Rock was home to the sea lions who have relocated to the docks at Pier 39.  Seal Rock now houses seagulls, pigeons, crows and your occasional daredevil human who likes to climb rocks :)

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Views From Russian Hill

Coit Tower view from Russian Hill
A beautiful Waterfall/Seashell/Flower front yard near the Chestnut Street steps.
Golden Gate Bridge view from Russian Hill shrouded in fog
Of course I can never pass up taking shots of beautiful flowers.
View of the Bay Bridge from Russian Hill

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Photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden Rudbeckia

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Scenic Weekends Ocean Beach

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The Work of Photographer Jonathan Heierle

The Lighthouse by Jonathan Heierle
I seldom write reviews on this blog unless I find something that catches my eye and leaves me speechless.  Yesterday I was perusing Craigslist under the artist section in order to get an idea of what type of platform I wanted to use to create a small portfolio of my abstract art.  While viewing the ads I came across the photography of Jonathan Heierle who is a high school student in the Bay Area.
His lighthouse photo which is displayed above had me simply stunned.  The composition and perspective in this shot is something truly amazing.  It is very difficult, as a photographer to achieve an "in the moment" shot which is exactly what this photo displays.  Had I come across this photo and not known anything about the photographer I would have thought it was shot by a professional who has been in the business for years.
Jonathan's black and white photo gallery shows the ordinary captured in an extraordinary way and with an eye that sees b…

Floral Friday Fotos

Photos taken at the San Francisco zoo.

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