The Work of Photographer Jonathan Heierle

The Lighthouse by Jonathan Heierle

I seldom write reviews on this blog unless I find something that catches my eye and leaves me speechless.  Yesterday I was perusing Craigslist under the artist section in order to get an idea of what type of platform I wanted to use to create a small portfolio of my abstract art.  While viewing the ads I came across the photography of Jonathan Heierle who is a high school student in the Bay Area.

His lighthouse photo which is displayed above had me simply stunned.  The composition and perspective in this shot is something truly amazing.  It is very difficult, as a photographer to achieve an "in the moment" shot which is exactly what this photo displays.  Had I come across this photo and not known anything about the photographer I would have thought it was shot by a professional who has been in the business for years.

Jonathan's black and white photo gallery shows the ordinary captured in an extraordinary way and with an eye that sees beyond what is actually there.  I wish I had that same eye.  You can see more of his black and white shots by visiting

Those of you who know me and my work know that I love beach and water scenes.  This particular shot is fantastic for many reasons.  First, the perspective and composition.  Most photographers would take a shot with the sun smack in the middle of the scene.  By displaying the sun at the side of this shot, it gives you a whole new meaning to the scene.  It has an air of action to it with the free flowing water and sky that goes on forever. You have a setting sun, waves, sky and footprints in one shot that looks as if it could be an oil painting - it's just that good. Most importantly the colors and hues are true and real.  It's not photo shopped to death as many photographers think they need to do.  Reality is the key.

It is monumentally difficult to capture action shots, whether it be bike racing, sports photography or simply a hummingbird flitting around the garden.  This shot is the perfect example of what an action shot should achieve.  You have a clear and crisp shot with a dreamy feel background which is important in these types of photos.  You want the action to stand out.  I think Jonathan would be able to capture some great action videos with his eye and lens.

As I mentioned, Jonathan's work left me speechless which never happens except on Wordless Wednesday.  Seriously though,  I see Jonathan as having a great career in photography.  He has begun at an early age photographing with heart and passion.  I predict he will achieve greatness with his chosen field.

For more information, details and photo galleries you can visit Jonathan's website at:

Thank you.


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