The Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lilies are my absolute favorite flower.  They are in bloom and abundant everywhere right now.  I was thrilled to see them in their glory at the San Francisco zoo which is somewhere I never thought I would see them.  They are just gorgeous.  I did a photo shoot while there.  Hope you like them.

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RNSANE said…
I have always loved this flower, too...and the bright pink. You're right, I wouldn't have expected to see them at the zoo. Kind of nice surprise.

I'm sure you'll be seeing Sony & Jerry this week. Give them hugs from me.
rainfield61 said…
Many things are abundant everywhere.

But we see all the different ones.
Carver said…
The lily is gorgeous.
Christine K. said…
the lilies are so beautiful!
Indrani said…
So beautiful!
Very hard to grow them here.

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