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Macro Monday New Blooms

Photos Taken At The San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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WCDesigns on Bonanza Handmade Crochet Items

Ipod/Cell Phone Crochet Carrier/Pouch-Adult Size/Pink MixVisit the listing at WCDesigns

Crochet hand made items at WCDesigns.

Crochet Ladies Sandals/Black and RedVisit the listing at WCDesigns

Crochet Warm Scoodie & Fingerless Gloves Set/Burgundy & Warm BrownVisit the listing at WCDesigns

Camera Critters #199 Penguin Island

Photos taken at the SF Zoo

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Thursday Two Questions Meme #71 Social Media

In today's world it is becoming almost essential to be involved with social media sites.  From Twitter to Facebook to the now hot Google + there are simply dozens and dozens of venues to keep us all connected. 
I personally use Facebook for both my personal and business interests and Twitter primarily for business.  I also use Stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit for advertising and promoting.  These all work well for me and each keeps me busy working my business and promoting for others.
I recently came across some business colleagues who also use  I had never heard of this site until today.  I went over and basically just looked at the home page which seemed very cluttered to me, even more than Facebook.  As a result I didn't do any further research.
I also checked out Google + until I realized that anything you do online is basically shared with everyone.  
My two questions this week are:
1. Do any of you use either or Google + ?
2. If so, would you recommend …

Watery Wednesday #170

Photos and Video Taken @ The Japanese Rock Pond in the Botanical Gardens.

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Bonanza Booth Promotions

Jd's Gift Shack run by Dena offers an eclectic mix of vintage treasures from ruby glass bells, to the ever popular Pillow Pets and more.  Her promotion services offered for your Bonanza booth as well as any websites you may have will get you views and yes I can personally say even sales.  She's done that for me. For more detailed information visit JD's Gift Shack on Bonanza.
If you love jewelry and who doesn't, Brenda Searching Souls has some of the most gorgeous and elegant bling I have ever seen.  This Ruby ring is one of my favorites.  She also sells tarot cards and offers booth promotion services as well.  For more information visit BrendaSearchingSouls on Bonanza.
Antique Art Nouveau, Limoges, Royal Worcester and the list goes on.  Q Antiques and Design hosts a beautiful array of art and antique pieces that display a sense of timeless elegance.  Kim's booth also houses some very unique glass paperweights that you really need to experience.  If you want a feast fo…

Macro Monday Garden Flowers

Photos Taken At The San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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Camera Critters - Random Critters at the San Francisco Zoo

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The Sony Holland Quintet at Vitello's January 26th

The Sony Holland Quintet
Thursday, January 26th 
One show only at 8:00 p.m. ($ 15)
Vitello's Jazz & Supper Club
4349 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City, CA
For reservations call: 818.769.0905
For More Details:

Thursday Two Questions Meme - Be Silent

Silence is a source of great strength - Lao Tzu
Photo courtesy of

In this day and age where everyone is busy each moment of everyday there is little time to just stop, relax and be silent.  However in order to truly be who we really are we need to take that time to look within and take hold of our spirit.
My two questions this week are:
1. Do you take the time to be silent each day? 2. Is it through prayer, meditation or otherwise that you get in touch with your innermost feelings?

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Penzo Zimbabwe African Safari Collector's Plate

Penzo Zimbabwe Collector's Plate Listing at Jo's Collectibles Mercantile
When searching around the city for items to place in my shop I am always on the lookout for unique and creative pieces.  When I saw this plate it simply took my breath away.  It had all the elements of a true collector's item.  Of course I love animals and nature so that aspect was what initially drew me to this piece.
The company is highly recognized and revered for their colorful, bold and one of a kind art pieces.  The artisans that create these works of art are inspired by what they see and have experienced in their villages.  These are the eyes and the talented hands that see these powerful scenes each day.  As a result, no two pieces are alike.  These are one of a kind art masterpieces.
For information and details visit the listing at Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.

Inspiration And The World Around Us

Photo taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens
Serenity Greet the day
Serene in essence
Clothed in light
Warmed in heart
Bound in spirit

Camera Critters - Our Feathered Friends at The San Francisco Zoo

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Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge at 75 years old.  I hope I look this great at that age :) I snapped this shot a couple of months ago. The bridge 75 years ago.  I borrowed this photo from the 415 Facebook page.
As an added treat I've included a short video clip that I created as a tribute to my friends Sony and Jerry Holland when they were here in San Francisco.  This short clip hosts "On A San Francisco High" which is  my favorite song about my hometown.  This song was written and composed by Jerry Holland and sung by Sony Holland.
Make sure to visit Sony's website at

Click below for the video

Camera Critters Giraffes at the San Francisco Zoo

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Macro Monday Pinkalicious

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