Macro Monday Garden Flowers

Photos Taken At The San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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flowers are beautiful to our eyes..., but they are more beautiful to the eyes of bees and butterflies.
Cathy Kennedy said…
Thanks for visiting on Thursday. I would have jumped to your T2Q post, but each time I click on your link it simply refuses to go it. I don't know what's with that, do you have any clue? Oh well, just wanted you to know that I am unable to participate in your 2Q. =(
Bossy Betty said…
So lovely! Thanks for starting my morning out so beautifully!
RNSANE said… always.

Miss you.
Thanks so much and glad you are enjoying them.
You are so right, thanks for visiting.
Cathy, I replied via email as well. I have no idea why you couldn't click on it. I've had many comments on that post.
Betty, you are so welcome, thank you.
Thank you, Carmen, I miss you too xoxo
Ann said…
so pretty. I can't wait till they start blooming here again
Ann, it won't be long now :) Thanks.
betchai said…
beautiful macro Jo, your macro always capture the deeper beauty of the flowers in their innermost hearts, love all of them.
Kala said…
Wonderful details and light in these images.

Happy MM
TheChieftess said…
Love the top one with the shadows of the stamen!!!
Ida said…
Lovely Macro's of the flowers. The top one is my favorite.
OneDay said…
Love these macro shots, especially the white flower.

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