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Thursday Two Questions Meme - Beyonce Lip Sync at the Inauguration

Photo courtesy of
As you all have heard, Beyonce sang the National Anthem during the inauguration. It was soon after reported that she lip synced during her performance.  Whether that is true or not, I do not know but to be very honest, I really don't care.  While I normally look at lip syncing as "cheating" there could have been a very good reason for her deciding to lip sync to a prerecorded version of the song
Beyonce is known for being a perfectionist and she certainly can sing.  It is possible that her voice for whatever reason that day was not perfect and rather than deliver a sub par performance for an important occasion like an inauguration, lip syncing was a better option.
I had a heated debate with a friend on this subject.  My friend thought it was not only cheating but unprofessional and just plain wrong to lip sync.  
So, my two questions for you this week are:
1. What are your views on lip syncing?
2. Was Beyonce wrong in lip syncing the Nat…

Wild Bird Wednesday #29 Birds at the San Francisco Zoo

Bald Eagle
White Swan
White Pelican
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Macro Monday San Francisco Zoo Flowers

I visit our local zoo primarily to see the animals and I am always surprised to see such beautiful and exotic flowers and plants from around the world.  There are species from South Africa, New Zealand and much more.  Here are just a few I snapped while visiting the San Francisco zoo yesterday.  Enjoy!

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Sundays In My City at The San Francisco Zoo

A little heavy on the eyeliner don't ya think?
Is this my best side?

Someone needs a shave.
Here's lookin at u kid!
Mr. Anteater has his own digs at the zoo now.
The Leaping Lemurs were screeching and playing all day long :)
Gross Warning!!! Hippo Yawning
I tried to get a shot of the rhino but he was right up against the front wall sunning himself and we could not see him. GO NINERS!!! Click the above widget for more Sundays In My City fun.

Lloyd Lake Reflections in Golden Gate Park

Photos Taken At Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park

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Thursday Two Questions Meme - Photo Editing


In Black and White

In Blue

I took this photo at Metson Lake and decided to play around with it using my photo software program which was already on the computer when I bought my laptop.  I am one who does not like tweaked photos as I always like the true essence of an original photo.  The only thing I do tweak is the focus because I use my zoom lens much of the time.
However, I decided to play around with the original on this shot and change the colors.  While I do like the black and white shot, I still enjoy the original much more.
So many people use photoshop and tweak their photos to a point where they look fake and for me REAL is what's important in photography.
My 2 ?'s this week are:
1.  Do you use any type of photo editing software?
2. Do you prefer tweaked or the original photo?

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Wild Bird Wednesday #28

I was visiting one of my favorite lakes, Metson Lake in Golden Gate Park last week.  It is a small lake with it's usual duck, seagull and geese residents.  I was walking the perimeter and happened to spot this heron across the lake hiding behind some tall grass.  So, I made my way over to him.  I didn't want to get too close because I didn't want to scare him.  I got about 20 feet away and started snapping photos.
What was interesting is that he stood so still that for a minute I thought he wasn't even real :) then when I tried to get closer to him, he turned his head.  I have seen herons before but this one was just gorgeous and very tall. He just stood there gazing across the lake with his one foot up in his feathers.  I don't know that much about herons so I thought maybe he had an injury of some sort to his foot but someone told me that is how they rest.
In any case, this was a real treat for me to see this beautiful bird.  I must have spent at least 45 minute…

Our World Tuesday Week 74

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

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Macro Birds

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Sundays In My City - Spreckels Lake

Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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The Bird Life

@ The Palace of Fine Arts
@Ocean Beach
@ Lloyd Lake
@ Ocean Beach

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