Thursday Two Questions Meme #120

I have to admit I had a difficult time coming up with any questions today.  My mind  was a blank, as it normally is on my days off work :) Then I looked through my photos that I took at the garden yesterday and thought  I'd ask all of you...

1. What is this? I will give all of you the answer next week.

2. Do you have ever have trouble coming up with two questions?

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Joanne, it's a flower! lol I can only remember the names of a small fraction of the flowers I enjoy.

I tie my Thankful Thursday in with my Thurs. 2 ? so it does get tricky.

Self Sagacity said…
Last year, I had a couple ohmigosh weeks. I don't anymore, hopefully forever. I guess it is because I approach it differently now, or since then. I just write about the subject I want, and based on the subject I extract my questions from it. I used to let coming up with questions dictate what i was going to write about, but now I find it much easier to focus on my subject, and draw from the content of the subject. I hope this helps. I guess it is natural to get stuck sometimes. I get stuck now and then on blogging in general. Have a wonderful week Jo.
Cathy Kennedy said…
I'm plant ignorant period. I like Judy's response...a flower. lol

I, like Judy & Amanda, tie my T2Q to my Alphabe-Thursday post. I found this an easy way to pull the two together without frustrating me. Maybe, you'll want to consider doing this, too. =D
Icy BC said…
Oh yes I do coming up with blank at times when I actually sit down and try to post. Sometimes, I uploaded a photo and just stare at it until something struck!

As for the photo, I can't tell as it only showed half of it (the other half is a gray cover)..but from what I can see, it looks like a banana flower :-)
I don't have to wait til next week. Icy got it right, it is a banana flower. Thanks everyone.
Self Sagacity said…
I thought it was a banana flower, since I eat it once every two weeks! Gees...but it looked different in the photo. haha, good job Icy!
Colette S said…
I was wondering if I hadn't seen that somewhere.
Thanks for sharing.

And yes if I get caught late, I have trouble with the questions :)

Happy Thursday.

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