Sundays In My City at The San Francisco Zoo

A little heavy on the eyeliner don't ya think?

Is this my best side?

Someone needs a shave.

Here's lookin at u kid!

Mr. Anteater has his own digs at the zoo now.

The Leaping Lemurs were screeching and playing all day long :)

Gross Warning!!! Hippo Yawning

I tried to get a shot of the rhino but he was right up against the front wall sunning himself and we could not see him.
Unknown Mami
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Keetha Broyles said…

I'd love to see the 49ers win the Harbowl.
Keetha, you and me both Go Niners!
Oh! I love the zoo! It is one of my most favorite places to shoot. So many fun faces there : ).
Fabulous pictures!!!! I especially love the one of the hippo yawning! And I will be cheering for the niners too since the Pats are OUT!

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