Thursday Two Questions Meme - Photo Editing


In Black and White

In Blue

I took this photo at Metson Lake and decided to play around with it using my photo software program which was already on the computer when I bought my laptop.  I am one who does not like tweaked photos as I always like the true essence of an original photo.  The only thing I do tweak is the focus because I use my zoom lens much of the time.

However, I decided to play around with the original on this shot and change the colors.  While I do like the black and white shot, I still enjoy the original much more.

So many people use photoshop and tweak their photos to a point where they look fake and for me REAL is what's important in photography.

My 2 ?'s this week are:

1.  Do you use any type of photo editing software?

2. Do you prefer tweaked or the original photo?

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Your first one looks more realistic. Unless we are trying to get an art piece; I like natural the best. I use photoscape mostly for embedding my name, collages and cropping. I am not that astute at editing but have wanted a few times to remove the background but never knew how. I hate clutter in my background.
SquirrelQueen said…
Like you I prefer the original but the B/W version is very dramatic. I only use the program that came with my camera to tweak photos ever so slightly sometimes. I also have a scrapbook program for collages and such.
Self Sagacity said…
Those photos are very interesting in different tones.
1) yes I use photoscape and photoshop.
2) My photos are 99% the real thing. I have not tried to edit them anymore. It takes too much time.
Icy BC said…
I prefer original essence of the photo too, and don't mind to see a little tweaking as long as I can still see the picture.

Many bloggers joined the texture tuesday meme, and the photos came out quite like art piece.

Your black and white photo is gorgeous..
1) No, I don't use any photo editing software, except to watermark my photos!

2) I always will love original photos. I like to see things clear in colors!
Colette S said…
You have such a talent with photo taking. I always enjoy yours.

1. No I don't edit, well except to add a watermark sometimes when I remember.

2. I prefer original. Seems everything is just fake these days.

Aloha :)

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