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Thursday Two Questions Meme - Shopping and Giveaway

First I want to sincerely thank Amanda (Self Sagacity) this week for the feature. I so appreciate you and thank you for your friendship.

Shopping for gifts is something I enjoy. I normally do not buy that much for myself anymore but I love buying gifts for others. My two questions this week are:

1. When you shop for gifts do you normally shop online or in a store.

2. What do you normally purchase as a gift item.

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I will email the winner on April 14th.

Thank yo…

Chinese Exercise Baoding Balls

Originally produced between 1368 - 1644 during the Ming Dynasty period, these Baoding Chinese Exercise Balls employ chimes inside the spheres which are used to heal the mind, body and soul. One ball will have a low sounding chime while the other a higher pitched sound which are maintained to balance peace and harmony. These Baoding Balls are considered national treasures because of their capability to enhance the users health and well being.Manipulating the balls with your fingers will stimulate the acupuncture points on your hands to improve the circulation and vital energy of blood to the body. These are mind, body and spirit healing techniques that have worked for centuries.

This is not my video nor is it me but I wanted to show you how these work. I also understand that they are not suppose to touch each other while in your hand. There is obviously an art to this. It's fascinating to me.

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Remembering Mom On Her Birthday

Mom on her high school graduation day - 1942
Happy Birthday Mom - RIP 3/29/24 - 7/9/94
I Love You & Miss You...

Me and Mom about 25 years ago

Mom adored little birds, especially canaries of which I don't have any photos so this will do :)

Some of her favorite flowers

Macro Monday in White

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Italian Inlaid Music Box With 18 Note Swiss Reuge Movement

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Shadow Shot Sunday - Wall Flowers and Leaves

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Camera Critters - Prairie Dogs at the San Francisco Zoo

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Skywatch Friday - Victoria Harbour Hong Kong 2008

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Thursday Two Questions Meme - Photography

With camera in hand, I am always looking for beautiful subjects to post on this blog and bring to you. I enjoy walking the different neighborhoods and photographing people's front yards and decorations. I am however a bit apprehensive in getting too close. I sometimes feel as if I am invading their privacy by conducting a photo shoot. My two questions are:

1. Do you often photograph neighbors flowers, homes and yards?

2. If so, do you feel as if you are invading their privacy?

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Pack n Ship - The Tutorial

Packing and shipping is an integral aspect of retail sales. It is becoming more important due to online shopping sites where 99.9% of sales are shipped to destinations around the world.
Working in the retail sales business for a couple of decades both in brick and mortar stores and online, we have extensive experience in the art of packing.
The point to this post is to give a short tutorial on the packing and shipping experience as a direct result of an extremely poorly packed shipment I received the other day.
I bought two beautiful Asian collectors plates on eBay from a large store who specialized in coins. I received the package on Tuesday and was shocked at the packing of this box. It arrived in a large flat rate box which measures 12 x 12 x 8. I opened the box and found at the very top an empty priority mail flat rate envelope and underneath, the two plates which were loosely wrapped in bubble wrap broken into dozens of pieces. At the bottom of the box was another empty priori…

Watery Wednesday - Hong Kong

Aberdeen Fishing Village Hong Kong Island 2005

Stanley Bay Hong Kong Island 2008

Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong 2008

Fountain @ Hong Kong Botanical Gardens in 2008

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Ruby Tuesday - Ruby Red

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Mellow Yellow Monday - Plants and Flowers

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Mellow Yellow Monday - Bloody Mary

A week or so ago I brought you the Mojito plate and recipe so this week why not follow it up with a Bloody Mary plate and recipe from Retro Bar Ware. For more info on this plate and other items visit Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.
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Macro Monday - Leucospermum Cordifolium "Veldt Fire"

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Sundays In My City - Scenes From The SF Botanical Gardens

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