Thursday Two Questions Meme - Shopping and Giveaway

First I want to sincerely thank Amanda (Self Sagacity) this week for the feature. I so appreciate you and thank you for your friendship.

Shopping for gifts is something I enjoy. I normally do not buy that much for myself anymore but I love buying gifts for others. My two questions this week are:

1. When you shop for gifts do you normally shop online or in a store.

2. What do you normally purchase as a gift item.

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I will email the winner on April 14th.

Thank you.

Thursday Two Questions
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aliz said…
that's nice! just followed you
Thanks Aliz, you've been entered into the giveaway.
Self Sagacity said…
Hi Joanne, it is a pleasure for Self Sagacity to feature such a great person and friend. Thanks for your acknowledgment.
1) I haven't purchased a gift online in a while. But the last time I bought a gift it was a Movado watch, since I could save such much money than if I were to buy from a department store. I definitely buy a lot of little nick-knacks, and tech gadgets online.
2) I still have a lot of fear about buying gifts in general. The fear of not getting the right item. So I think that is why I prefer to buy gifts where the receiver can choose other things or return if they wish to do so.
Congratulations on your store and being featured.
Margaret Duarte said…
1. Except for books through Amazon, I usually shop in a store.
2. The gift item depends on the person. Many of my friends have collections of some kind, so I try to add to these. Books come a close second. And often I just take them out to lunch or out to coffee.
Amanda, thank YOU so much, the featured is so appreciated. Yes, buying online at times, you are taking a chance at receiving the wrong item. For friends and family I like to buy gift certificates to their favorite stores so they can buy what they want.

Margaret, I like books as gifts as well. Of course that personal touch of lunch, coffee or dinner I think is the perfect gift.
aliz said…
came back to answer your questions...
1.I love shopping online especially if there are big discounts, but usually they can see me in store
2.I usually ask first the person what she likes to collect and then I'll purchase it, but then again as long as I can afford.
♥~Judy~♥ said…
I signed up to follow and love your Chinese balls!

I usually shop at thrift shops as money is really tight, but if it is something special I want, looking online is an option. I have bought some of my favorite things on ebay and Amazon.
♥~Judy~♥ said…
I forgot to answer the second question. oops
I like to get personal things that are something that person can truly use or enjoy. I listen to them trying to find out what they want so I can buy them something they will treasure.
Judy, thanks for following, you've been entered into the giveaway. Since I opened the store I do 99.9% of my shopping on eBay now. Some great deals to be had there. Like you though, I like to get something for friends or family that I know they will love. Gift certificates to their fave shops are always a good idea.
Luna Miranda said…
i usually buy gifts from the store...i haven't really purchased anything on line, except for airline tickets.:p

i always feel a bit of anxiety when buying gifts. i like buying books, fashion accessory, apparel, cds, spa and coffee shop gift certificates, toys for kids.
Gale said…
I do a lot more shopping online now, especially with etsy and all. But what I get someone really depends on the person. I don't have a gift idea I use for everyone...just sort of picks stuff up as I find things that I know a certain person would like and stash them for gifts.
SquirrelQueen said…
I have a couple of stores where I like to shop for gifts but most everything I buy online.

What I buy depends on the person. My stepdaughter turns 21 next month and I am giving her a makeup kit and a Visa gift card. I will probably add another small item or two.
sHeNgKaY said…

Q1: shop in a store
Q2: something appropriate to the if she likes books..i would probabbly buy her books..

have a nice day!

Mine is up
Shengkay’s Journal
Shengkay Random Nest
Luna, I love receiving spa and coffee shop gift certificates, so you can buy them for me :) Thanks for visiting.

Gale, that is a good way of doing it, especially buying in advance if you find a good deal.

Squirrel, great gifts for your stepdaughter :)

Shengkay, good ideas, thank you.
Ann said…
I took care of following you on your new blog first :)
now to answer your questions
More and more I shop online although if I'm at a craft show or something like that I might pick up an item to use as a gift.

I can't say that there is any one thing that I normally buy. It all depends on who I'm shopping for and what the occasion is.
Ann, Thanks so much, you've been entered in the giveaway.

I also do most of my shopping online now. It's strange because I've been in retail sales for years yet now just the thought of a mall makes me cringe :D Have a great weekend and hugs to Duke :)
JamericanSpice said…
1. I shop both online and off to see what choices I have.

2. It's hard for me to purchase gifts because I have no idea what someone else wants, so if it's possible, I'll buy a book or give a gift card. It's easier when I can shop from the person's registry.

Congratulations on being featured. It was lovely learning more about you.
Jamerican, Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. I think you have the right idea with gift cards so they can purchase what they like.
Ratty said…
I almost always shop for gifts online now. It's so much easier.

I look for cool little gadgets and toys. Usually something inexpensive and gimmicky. I think being too serious ruins the gift. And the little things are the most fun. And even grown-ups like toys if you choose them right.
DoanLegacy said…
I mostly purchased toys for the kids, and usually buy them online. For other people, I opt for gift cards since I don't know if they would like my taste in things.
-☼-Icy BC said…
You are so generous with your give-away, and I wish you best of luck with your new business endeavor!
Ratty, first, great to see you around and out and about again. I have to agree, online is easier and gifts that make you smile are the best!

Doan, Yeah, gift cards are always appreciated.

Icy, you are so sweet, thank you so much xoxo

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