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We specialize in treasures from the past and collectible giftware from limited editions and beyond. This blog will provide news, updates, new listings and insight into the collectible giftware market. We have extensive experience in retail sales and warehouse shipping. Customer service is our number one priority right along with providing quality merchandise to our customer base.

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RNSANE said…
I think this will be an excellent blog, offering a great deal to customers who enjoy this type of shopping. I know you have a great deal of expertise in this area and, while my collecting days are over now that I must downsize and move to far smaller environs, I sitll enjoy "windowshopping."

Good luck in this endeavor!
Carmen, it is definitely a labor of love for me and my Brother. I'm really enjoying it and have been away from it far too long.
Annie said…
Joanna! Best of luck on your endeavors. I sell on eBay (and buy too) from time to time and you are offering just the sorts of things I might be looking for.
Annie, thanks for dropping by. I do both buying and selling as well. I'd love to see your store or listings.

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