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Lakes and Islands

Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park
 North Lake in Golden Gate Park
Eagle Island, San Francisco Zoo

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Around San Francisco

Crocker Galleria in San Francisco
Transamerica Pyramid Building (at an angle) Financial District in San Francisco
Pagoda at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park
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Stow Lake

Stow lake is located in Golden Gate Park and is the largest and most popular lake in the area.  It was created in 1893 and houses a boat rental facility and surrounds Strawberry Hill which was named for the wild strawberries that once flourished there.  It truly is a nature lover's paradise.  
The foliage and lake are not only scenic but provide a haven for wildlife.
This Chinese pagoda was presented to San Francisco by its sister city Taipei in 1976 and resides on the shores of Stow Lake.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Be Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  This is for all of you.  A beautiful original song by my friends Sony and Jerry Holland.

San Francisco Chinatown


Downtown San Francisco

The Transamerica Pyramid Building

View of the Ferry Building from Chinatown

California Street Cable Car crossing Chinatown

Determined Meerkat

Photo of a meerkat at the San Francisco zoo.  This guy looks determined to me. He was either determined to get his photo taken by me or determined to make me stop pushing the camera in his face :)
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Downtown San Francisco

Along the parade route at Market and Montgomery Street for the San Francisco Giants World Series parade.
Post and Montgomery street window reflections
Post and Montgomery street window reflections
Sutter and Montgomery Streets
Crocker Galleria on Sutter Street

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The Birds

Click above for Mandarin Orange Monday

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Photo taken at the San Francisco Zoo Animal Resource Center. Click photo for larger image.
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Ocean Beach

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Light and Sky

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Hong Kong Signs

The colorful entrance to a temple at Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island.  All of these shots were taken on my vacation there in 2008
A sign tucked away in a small forest area on Lantau Island between Tian Tan Buddha and Lantau peak.  To this day, I still don't know what it says.
Avenue of the Stars - The Hong Kong version of Hollywood, CA and much more elaborate.
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