The Birds

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I am also participating in Monday Mellow Yellows

Also participating in Macro Monday 2

Smiling Sally
Also participating in Blue Monday.  Click the above photo for Blue Monday.


Hannah said…
What a lovely duck, his feathers look so glossy and have lovely shading in the colors. The sea gull from the front looks like it has a handlebar mustache coming out from its beak.
Jean Knill said…
Wonderful photos as always Jo.
SmilingSally said…
The sweet little duck showing off her blue feathers delighted me. Thanks for sharing.

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Have a Happy Blue Monday!
Gunilla Bäck said…
Lovely photos of the birds.
Pat said…
Beautiful photos. I feel as though I could stroke the duck's soft feathers.
Jen said…
The duck is my favorite. Beautiful birds.
this sea gull looks fierce, just had a story to tell, about recycling.

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