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On Dying In A Mass Shooting by Joanne Olivieri

On Dying In A Mass Shooting 
Bloody Chaos
The door swings openrapid fire storm ensuesmy body hurls to the groundchaotic screamsdeadly thunder popspermeate bitter air pocketsand I lie still.
My friends, classmatesscattered around mebreathing dust, residuea warm sea of bloodmingles with otherssaturating wooden floorsand I lie still.
I am slipping awaysoaked in deathblood tears escape my eyesand I cannot seefear embodies my beingI cannot moveand I lie still.
Mom and Dad, I love youmy friends by my side, I love youdon't let me die in vainresist the hate, the feardo it for me, do it for usthe chaos stopsand I lie still.
All I ask is why, please tell me whywhy, why?And I lie stillforever.
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