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Macro Flowers Saturday - Orchids

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. These shots were taken at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers which houses a cornucopia of exotic plant and flower species. Enjoy!!!

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Sundays In My City - Street Art Sculptures

Bow and arrow w/The San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge backdrop

Bow and arrow along the Embarcadero looking back towards the financial district.

Rocket Ship along the Embarcadero near AT&T Park

Outside the Hyatt at Embarcadero 4

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Sundays In My City - Happy Holidays From San Francisco

The Dome Inside Westfield Shopping Center at Powell and Market Streets

Flowers Outside The Hyatt - Embarcadero Four

Macy's Union Square

101 California Street Courtyard

Christmas @ The Botanical Gardens

Streetlight @ Powell & Market Streets

Cable Car Decked Out For The Holidays

Happy Holidays to all. I will see you again in the new year xoxoxo

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Macro Flowers Saturday - Raindrops

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Watery Wednesday & Wordless Wednesday - Got Crabs?

Photos taken at the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco

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Sundays in my City - The Conservatory of Flowers

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Macro Flowers Saturday - The Dahlia Garden

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Two Years Ago - Guest Post by Liz Paez

Photo by Joanne Olivieri - Poetry by Liz Paez

Two Years Ago
in memory of my Grandma
by: Liz Paez

Two years ago you were taken from me
Your last breath forced out your lungs.
Time goes by so quickly,
and yet-
nothing has been done.
Still no man responsible for ending your life this way
How can I move on when all I do is relive that day.

Its been two years since you left-
that's two years I've gained with you by my side.
That doesn't make it any easier
because i still sit here and cry.
My tears pierce my skin like bullets-
a pain that will never go away.
Stings like the cut of a knife-
burns like the candle's flame.

Two years ago you were taken from me
and yet-
you haven't left.
Your presence is felt around me,
every time air expands my chest.

Its been two years since you left
but I know you are still here.
Your spirit grows within me
with each increasing year.
And if I want to see you, all i do is close my eyes-
for this nightmare I've been living is slowly passing by.

Sundays in my City - San Francisco City Views

Downtown San Francisco Through The Trees - A View From Twin Peaks

The Financial District

Downtown San Francisco w/View Of The Bay Bridge

Downtown San Francisco

San Francisco East

San Francisco West

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