Sundays In My City - Happy Holidays From San Francisco

The Dome Inside Westfield Shopping Center at Powell and Market Streets

Flowers Outside The Hyatt - Embarcadero Four

Macy's Union Square

101 California Street Courtyard

Christmas @ The Botanical Gardens

Streetlight @ Powell & Market Streets

Cable Car Decked Out For The Holidays

Happy Holidays to all. I will see you again in the new year xoxoxo

Unknown Mami

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CherylK said…
What wonderful photographs. San Francisco is such a beautiful to see her all decked out for the holidays!

Happy Holidays to you, too!
Anonymous said…
San Francisco looks very festive and beautiful. I love the giant baubles.

Wishing you a safe and wonderful Christmas.
Ann said…
Your city is looking very festive. Love the Macy's shot. And those giant Christmas balls are great.
sheila said…
Wonderful shots! I was in San Fran in 06 for the first time and it was beautiful! I wish we'd made a week of it instead of just 2 days.
EastCoastLife said…
Your city is all decked out for Christmas!! Love the reds. Have a Merry Christmas!
Gorgeous! i guess you don't need snow to make it feel like Christmas, the decorations are amazing! Have a wonderful holiday season!
Kass said…
Beautiful holiday pictures. Especially like the waterfall of lights.
***Icy BC said…
Gorgeous photos, Jo!

Wishing you a Happy Holidays!
Anonymous said…
How fun!

I hope you have a beautiful holiday!
Great shots! It's looks so festive! I just love San Fran! Happy Holidays!
Joanna Jenkins said…
San Francisco is such a great time! That first photo is magical looking and Macy's always dresses up nicely for the holidays!
Merry Christmas and Happy SIMC, jj
Self Sagacity said…
Thanks for sharing, it's like visiting San Fran without the actually taking the trip. That is about the extend of things I see or do when I go to SF. :-)
Unknown Mami said…
Love these pics. Can you believe I haven't been to Union Square to see the tree yet. I guess I better go soon if I want to see it.
AVCr8teur said…
SF always have some wonderful decorations during the holidays. I really like those large ornaments.
Great shots!! I may go into the city today. I got a chill at the Raiders game still trying to shake it off.
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
The first one is beautiful... ok, they all are, but I like the shapes and the colors.
betchai said…
these are wonderful shots Jo, really awesome, you brought so much color to my day.
Dave said…
Sending our love this Christmas to you and your family.

Best Regards,
Dave, Eng and Ysabelle

Merry Christmas and Sorry
Gary said…
Happy Holidays!
Muza-chan said…
Merry Christmas, Joanne! (^_^)
Betsy said…
Oooh...what festive pictures! I love that first one the best!

Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy the holidays!
SquirrelQueen said…
Great photos, I love those giant ornaments.

Looks like you have been busy too. I wanted to drop by and wish you and your family a very
Merry Christmas!


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