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Thursday Two Questions #42

This photo is actually a flower that I tweaked into a puzzle form. It pretty much depicts my mind and brain right now. I've got so much going on that I did not even have time to think of something creative for the two ?'s meme. So, I will just ask all of you:

1. Are your mind and brain sometimes so much on overdrive that you cannot think straight?

2. If so, what do you do to remedy the problem?

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Thursday Two Questions Meme - Free Advertising

If you are anything like me, you don't like having to pay for advertising especially if you want to just advertise your blog or website.  I was doing a Google search the other day for free advertising for my eBay store, Collectibles Mercantile.  There were many free sites out there but this particular one caught my eye for many reasons.
It is called of which you can visit by clicking the above animated widget.  I liked it because it is run by an eBay store seller who like me wanted to be able to advertise for free.  The website was created for people to list their auctions and stores in addition to their blogs, websites, myspace pages, eHow pages etc...  all for free.  I like the look and style because you are able to upload a 125 x 125 ad and link it to your site, blog or store. I am always thrilled to find a new venue for free advertising.
My two questions this week are:
1.  Do you advertise your blogs, websites and stores on a regular basis?
2.  If so, do you pay fo…

Wine Grape Village Decorative Ceramic Square Plate

We have a lovely 9" by 9" square serving plate that is made of heavy ceramic and looks to be hand painted though I cannot testify to that fact. It has beautiful coloring with a Bordeaux wine bottle amidst grapes and cheese on the face of the plate with a nicely sketched village background. Just looking at this scene has me longing to take a trip to France or Italy. I really just adore this plate and it would make a stunning gift for any wine lover out there or as a decorative piece in your home.The back of the plate simply reads Wine Grape Village Made in China with a sticker that reads QC F-13. The front of the plate has sort of a scalloped raised square design. It is overall in good condition with very minor signs of discoloration on the back of the plate. It is free of chips and cracks. The lighting you see on the plate is due to glare from the window.This is the type of plate which can be used as decoration or even as a serving plate for cookies o…

Sundays In My City - SW Coffee Station Grand Opening

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It was a cold, dreary and foggy day out in the sunset/parkside neighborhood in
San Francisco, where I live. A new coffee house business right across the street
from me has been preparing for weeks for their Grand Opening which took place today.

The excitement of the lion dancers and firecrackers right along with the complimentary wine
being served made this dreary day come alive.

The lion dance was performed by the San Francisco Police Department Lion Dance Team.
The video at the end of this post is a little long but very exciting to watch with a firecracker finale that had yours truly calling it a day.


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Macro Flowers Saturday 60

Photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens &
The Marin Art and Garden Center.

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Macro Friday - Matilija Poppy

Taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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Thursday Two Questions Meme - Reincarnation

Photos taken at the SF Botanical Gardens and the Marin Art & Garden Center.

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Though I was raised Catholic I have always believed in reincarnation. I do not believe that when we die, that's it. I believe in the circle of life being continuous and once our physical body dies that our soul chooses another physical form in which to return to this earth. I have many reasons for these beliefs that I won't get into here because it's just too long and I want to get into the two questions.

Obviously when reincarnated I don't know in which form you would return. Would you return as a human being if you were a human being in your previous life or could you return as anything you wanted to be. I have always wanted to return as a tree. I know many of you are probably laughing right now but I am serious. I love trees for their stature, their confidence, their protective nature and their ability to withstand the elements. I'd love to return as a tr…

Nameless Faces by Author Joanne Olivieri - Poetry

A poetic journey through lifeAuthored by Joanne Olivieri

Nameless Faces will take you on a poetic journey through everyday life. The poetry within these pages is derived from the heart and spoken in rhythm with nature. You will gain insight to different cultures and traditions and explore each moment through the eyes of a poet who treads softly upon this earth.
Publication Date: Mar 24 2010 ISBN/EAN13: 1451533268 / 9781451533262 Page Count: 52 Binding Type: US Trade Paper Trim Size: 7" x 10" Language: English Color: Black and White Related Categories: Poetry / American / General
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Watery Wednesday #145

Photos and video taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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Ruby Tuesday - Murals on Haight Street

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Macro Flowers Saturday 59

Photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens and the Marin Art and Garden Center.

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Thursday Two Questions Meme - Dreams, Questions & Happiness

I am a person who stumbles off into dream land almost every night. Sometimes my dreams scare me, make me smile or make me think. Many times I forget my dreams.

Last evening I had a dream where a friend of mine who I see every so often asked me if I am happier now than I was 10 years ago. I abruptly awakened with that question burning in my mind. I had to do some deep soul searching even to try and answer it.

I think there are many aspects which make me much happier now than I was 10 years ago and many that show I was happier back then. I don't know much about dreams or their interpretations, however that question does make me think and ponder my life.

My two questions are:

1. Do you dream very often and if so do you feel your dreams are trying to tell you something?

2. Are you happier now than you were 10 years ago?

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Cherished Moment Collector's Plate by Artist Brenda Burke

Under the hallmark of W.S. George Fine China this limited edition collector's plate - Cherished Moment by artist Brenda Burke was issued in 1990. This particular plate was the second issue in the Bonds of Love Mother's Day collection. It is numbered 9248 A with a BRADEX #84-G20-20.1 This plate was produced early in 1990 and ended production on May 12th 1990 (Mother's Day) that year. This is a highly collectible plate.Brenda Burke is an artist that celebrates the bond between a Mother and child with a focus on Victorian styles adorned with beautiful flowers and lace. Her artwork is instantly recognizable for these features. This particular plate displays those features in highly detailed and colorful hues. I urge you to view the photos and pay close attention to the details in the lace. They are gorgeous.The plate measures 8 1/2" in diameter and is free of any cracks, chips or marks. It is in good condition and comes with the COA and some inform…

Ruby Tuesday - Legs & Heels

Taken at the Haight & Ashbury street fair in San Francisco, CA.

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Macro Flowers Saturday - Matilija Poppy

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Thursday Two Questions Meme - Bird w/Cage or Bird Feeder?

Photo taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

While growing up I always had birds as pets. I also had rabbits and hamsters. I've always loved birds and still do. I currently live in a studio apartment where pets are not allowed. I've lived here for three decades or so and never had a pet. Lately, I have been longing to have a bird.

My first choice would be a canary with a parakeet coming in at a close second. I thought if I bought or adopted one and my landlord found out I could always negotiate something with him, after all I have been here longer than anyone else on the property, including him.

Also, over the past few weeks, there has been a bird who is frequenting the back yard each morning around 7:00 a.m. I wake up to his chirping everyday and just love hearing him. Each time that I go out to see and get a photo of him, he flies away. I also at times find hummingbirds out here. So, I was thinking maybe I should just forgo the canary or parakeet and get a bird …

Ruby Tuesday - Pink Ice Protea

Pink Ice Protea South African Plant.
Photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

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I am participating in Ruby Tuesday. Check out the meme for more photo fun.

Loving Spirits by Red Bear - Wooden Decoupage Wall Plaque

Those of you that know me, know my passion for poetry and art. Those two passions combined with my love of Native American artwork is combined to produce this beautifully crafted decoupage wall plaque which depicts an Indian couple resting on a rock amidst trees and a pond.
This plaque is made of wood and was bought in Reno, Nevada decades ago. It measures 11" long and 6 1/2" wide. There is a backstamp though it is difficult to read but I urge you to view the photos on our listing at the link provided below. You will notice a white color on the right hand side behind the male which is a glare from the window. The plaque itself is in perfect condition.

The scene is beautifully tranquil and refreshing. There is a poem/quote on the front which reads:

Loving Spirits

Our spirits mingle in love
like the clear and swirlingwaters
of the mountain

Red Bear

This plaque would be beautiful as is but adding the poem gives it poetic meaning.

For more information and ordering instructio…