Thursday Two Questions Meme - Bird w/Cage or Bird Feeder?

Photo taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

While growing up I always had birds as pets. I also had rabbits and hamsters. I've always loved birds and still do. I currently live in a studio apartment where pets are not allowed. I've lived here for three decades or so and never had a pet. Lately, I have been longing to have a bird.

My first choice would be a canary with a parakeet coming in at a close second. I thought if I bought or adopted one and my landlord found out I could always negotiate something with him, after all I have been here longer than anyone else on the property, including him.

Also, over the past few weeks, there has been a bird who is frequenting the back yard each morning around 7:00 a.m. I wake up to his chirping everyday and just love hearing him. Each time that I go out to see and get a photo of him, he flies away. I also at times find hummingbirds out here. So, I was thinking maybe I should just forgo the canary or parakeet and get a bird feeder for the yard. However, in this area we have alot of pigeons, crows and even hawks. Because of that I hesitate on the bird feeder. I really don't want crows and hawks hanging out at my door.

My two questions this week are:

1. Which option would you think is best?

2. Why?

You will really be helping me out here. Thanks :)

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Ann said…
I like the idea of a bird feeder better.
I guess the reason would be of the variety of birds you could attract to your feeder. We also have a lot of crows and hawks around here but they don't really go near my feeder. I've only spotted one hawk in my yard, it sat in a tree for a while then flew away.
Maybe you should try the feeder and if you don't get favorable results then go with the canary
I like feeding birds that live in their natural habitat. It is so relaxing to listen to them chirp, and there is a lot less to clean up.
♥~Judy~♥ said…
I had a bird for awhile and it left so many feathers in the rug! I like them, especially when the sing or talk. Aren't there particular seeds that attract different types of birds. Do hawks like the seeds that smaller birds like? Hummingbirds like a nectar.
SquirrelQueen said…
I prefer to see a variety so feeders would be my choice. I have a large hanging basket with several different flowers including red petunias to attract the hummingbirds. As for feeders the crows don't seem to bother them but I know what you mean about the hawks, but then that is part of the cycle of life.
betchai said…
i would prefer bird feeder, and that just attract birds to come to your place and watch them enjoy what you have for them :) for hummingbird, a jar of beet juice/sugar for bottlefeed will help, and I think it will not attract hawks. aaaaah, i hate bird poops though, that's the sad thing about pigeons, they leave you so much with mess :(
Self Sagacity said…
I think the parakeet would drive me crazy, since my sister had one for a period of time and we had to put a cover over him/ her because he/ she would not ever be quiet. But I too think about having a bird for a pet now and then.
I have a little fountain, and the pigeons does come around. Given that you live in the city, it is probably very likely that they are less afraid too.
Anyhow, I would love if you could have both, just for the love of life. :-0
Luna Miranda said…
a bird feeder would be much better at this time. with a bird feeder, more birds would come and visit and you don't have to "negotiate" with the landlord.:p
Glynis said…
We have two aviaries and a host of wild birds in the garden. I would go with both a canary for its song, and a feeder for the variety.
DoanLegacy said…
Giving your reasons, I think a bird in the cage would be the best option for you! I like to feed the birds, so I have bird feeders in the backyard. Squirrels are the naughtiest of them all for us though.
JamericanSpice said…
I think birds should be free, so I would say a birdfeeder so you can enjoy seeing even more birds :)

Daisy said…
I think you should get a pair of gerbils! We love Bert & Ernie, and they live in an aquarium (but it is not filled with water). Only, I think gerbils are illegal in California. Seriously!
rainfield61 said…
I would rather prefer bird feeder.

You will get surprises one after another seeing different birds visiting you.

Wow.. so gooooood.
Thank you all for your suggestions and thoughts. You've helped me so much and I appreciate each of your comments.

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