Loving Spirits by Red Bear - Wooden Decoupage Wall Plaque

Those of you that know me, know my passion for poetry and art. Those two passions combined with my love of Native American artwork is combined to produce this beautifully crafted decoupage wall plaque which depicts an Indian couple resting on a rock amidst trees and a pond.

This plaque is made of wood and was bought in Reno, Nevada decades ago. It measures 11" long and 6 1/2" wide. There is a backstamp though it is difficult to read but I urge you to view the photos on our listing at the link provided below. You will notice a white color on the right hand side behind the male which is a glare from the window. The plaque itself is in perfect condition.

The scene is beautifully tranquil and refreshing. There is a poem/quote on the front which reads:

Loving Spirits

Our spirits mingle in love

like the clear and swirling waters
of the mountain

Red Bear

This plaque would be beautiful as is but adding the poem gives it poetic meaning.

For more information and ordering instructions on this plaque and others we have available please visit our listings at Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.


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