Wine Grape Village Decorative Ceramic Square Plate

We have a lovely 9" by 9" square serving plate that is made of heavy ceramic and looks to be hand painted though I cannot testify to that fact. It has beautiful coloring with a Bordeaux wine bottle amidst grapes and cheese on the face of the plate with a nicely sketched village background. Just looking at this scene has me longing to take a trip to France or Italy. I really just adore this plate and it would make a stunning gift for any wine lover out there or as a decorative piece in your home. The back of the plate simply reads Wine Grape Village Made in China with a sticker that reads QC F-13. The front of the plate has sort of a scalloped raised square design. It is overall in good condition with very minor signs of discoloration on the back of the plate. It is free of chips and cracks. The lighting you see on the plate is due to glare from the window. This is the type of plate which can be used as decoration or even as a serving plate for cookies or small pastries. It is very unique and also very heavy.

For more details and ordering instructions, visit the listing on Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.


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