Ruby Tuesday - Legs & Heels

Taken at the Haight & Ashbury street fair in San Francisco, CA.

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DrillerAA09 said…
Looks like something that should be hanging out of the window of a college fraternity house.
Driller, HaHaHa, hilarious!!!
Self Sagacity said…
ohmygoodness. haha, what a site to see. I hope it was temporary, I can't imagine someone actually wanting to block all their window with that. ;-)
Icy BC said…
LOL..I was wondering about this photo on Facebook, Jo..Great shots!
Jan n Jer said…
LOL..I love it!
Amanda, actually they aren't temporary. They've been up there for decades and unfortunately I don't know the story behind them :D I'll have to find out one of these days.

Icy, LOL! Did you think that was me hanging out of a window? :D

Jan n Jer, :) thanks you two.
Betty, :) The Haight has not changed much since the 60's. This weekend a combination of bbq, liquor and marijuana permeated the air.
Nonizamboni said…
Oh, I've always been afraid that would happen to me--getting stuck in the window!!LOL but probably not in such great red pumps. Nice choice for today.
Ann said…
so is she climbing in the window or coming out of the window? I thought for sure the legs and heels was some sort of play on words I wasn't expecting to actually see legs and heels.
Noniz, HaHa, thanks.

Ann, Yeah, I thought the title would attract alot of attention :D Those legs have been up there 24/7 for decades. I'm just wondering myself how they are protected in the wind and rain :D
betchai said…
haha, it looks funny Jo, maybe imagination would run wilder if another pair of legs are there? shhhhh, haha! interesting shots!
Glynis said…
Great shot! Oh to have legs like that!

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