Thursday Two Questions Meme - Reincarnation

Photos taken at the SF Botanical Gardens and the Marin Art & Garden Center.

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Though I was raised Catholic I have always believed in reincarnation. I do not believe that when we die, that's it. I believe in the circle of life being continuous and once our physical body dies that our soul chooses another physical form in which to return to this earth. I have many reasons for these beliefs that I won't get into here because it's just too long and I want to get into the two questions.

Obviously when reincarnated I don't know in which form you would return. Would you return as a human being if you were a human being in your previous life or could you return as anything you wanted to be. I have always wanted to return as a tree. I know many of you are probably laughing right now but I am serious. I love trees for their stature, their confidence, their protective nature and their ability to withstand the elements. I'd love to return as a tree in the middle of the High Sierras.

While I've enjoyed being human, I think I'd like a little diversity in my next life :)

My two questions are:

1. Do you believe in reincarnation?

2. In your next life would you want to return as a human being or something else?

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AVCr8teur said…
I don't know if I believe in reincarnation, but I have thought about it many times. Depending on what you believe, do we really know what happens to us in the end? If reincarnation exists, I want be come back as a human being or something that allows me to travel from place to place. I like to see and do things. :)
Karen, You make a good point, we really don't know. I do know though, the traveler that you are so if reincarnation does exist, that's perfect for you. If not, then maybe an angel so you can travel heaven and earth :)
SquirrelQueen said…
I love your garden photos.

I'm not sure if I believe in reincarnation but it is a very intriguing thought. The recycling of souls seems like a very logical thing to do.

Even though their lives are much shorter is would be interesting to come back as a squirrel or cat. But then maybe I have already done that.
Ann said…
I don't know that I believe in reincarnation but I do believe in an after life.
I once read something that when you come to earth you take on the life of something you have a desire to learn about. When you've learned all you can you move on to the next life and next learning experience. I think in my next life I want to learn about being a multimillionaire :)
betchai said…
i am not so sure about reincarnation, i don't really have a strong belief in it or otherwise. i love to think that the circle of life goes on, but i am not sure if i want that i am aware where my spirit goes and to what form. I want that if I die, my mind and spirit rest as well. but if my life is needed to take another form to support the circle of life, I would like to think I will be a flower that never dies, because in living, I always get happy whenever I see a flower. I think of flowers as messenger of smile and happiness, so I would like to keep my smiles lock in those blooms.
Self Sagacity said…
You're right about Catholicism and reincarnation, I am catholic and it is the same for me. Yet I think this is about as specific as it gets= 35% yes, 65% no. I would like to be human with a very different lifestyle.
I would love to believe that we can choose the character we come back as, but that is too good to be true.
rainfield61 said…
Of course, I do believe in reincarnation.

But I have not decided who I shall be.
Icy BC said…
I'm not laughing, Jo, if you want to return as a tree. In fact, with your given reasons, I would want to be a tree too.

However, if I have a choice to be what I want in the next life, I would love to be a butterfly.

Gorgeous photos of the garden!
I believe in eternal life. I would always choose to be a human, however if we could have a super power(wouldn't that be fun?), I'd want to be able to fly. That would save A LOT on gas and flights. =D
JamericanSpice said…
These are such beautiful views.

I do not believe in reincarnation. I'll joke about it but I believe when we die, our soul goes back to God until the judgement.

Aloha! :)

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