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Macro Flowers Saturday - Buds

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Camera Critters - Grizzly and Friends

Both grizzly bear photos taken behind glass barriers. All photos taken at the San Francisco zoo.

Lion - taken behind glass barrier

One of my favorites - the wart hog - love this guy!

American Bald Eagle

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Upon Earthly Delights

and the leaves sway
upon earthly delights
Swan Lake

Happy Birthday Duke! We LOVE You

He rides the waves like a pro

He fetches for you

He'll even clean the bird bath

He's the dutiful mechanic pup

When he begs for treats, how could you resist?

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Watery Wednesday

Dwarf Conifer Pond at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

Pine Lake at Stern Grove.

Water Droplets on Petals

Fish Underwater at Pine Lake in Stern Grove

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New CD - Sanssouci by Sony Holland

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I would like to present the latest CD by Sony and Jerry Holland titled "Sanssouci." This new CD produced by the Holland's is an artistic and flavorful mix of musical genius. It holds a hauntingly beautiful array of songs hand chosen by the artists to express their own unique musical passions.It is intimate, smooth and alluring. It will invite and entice you into a whole new dimension. It is just that GOOD.

Please visit The Sony Holland Websitefor more detailed information including song samples, insights and much more.

Sony and Jerry Holland (dos Hollands)

The CD is currently available both in CD and mp3 formats at CD baby. Click link below for more info.

Thank you. If you are in the Bay Area we hope to see you at Cafe Divine on August 12th and 13th for Dos Holland's gig where you can also grab a copy or two of their new CD. More info on Cafe Divine on Sony's site at…

The San Francisco Botanical Gardens Facebook Page

If you are a nature lover and enjoy all that is garden and horticulture related, please check out our San Francisco Botanical Garden Facebook page. We offer news, events, educational material and host contests on a regular basis where you can win prizes which are garden related and much more. It is an interactive group where we encourage you to participate, share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

This is the official San Francisco Botanical Garden Facebook page which I will be administering. So, if you are on Facebook, please check us out and like our page. Here again is the link

Rose and Lilac


Mellow Yellow Monday - Yellow Flower Parade

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Macro Monday

Oriental Trumpet Lily

Leucospermum Cordifolium - Veld Fire

Guernsey Lily - South Africa

Matilija Poppy - California

Japanese Iris

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Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday

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Tender Blossoms


Camera Critters - Birds of a Feather

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