PhotoScapes Unleashed - Tree Trunk

Above - Original Photo

Above - Digitally enhanced with Ulead Software


Joanne: Really nice job on the enhancement, I use that software for modifying photos.
Forgetfulone said…
Wow! I love the enhanced effects. Very cool.
Kass said…
betchai said…
what a magical transformation you did Jo, awesome!
Ann said…
Very cool effect. You'd never know it was a tree trunk
Fishing guy, I had that software with my old camera and loved it so still use it with my new camera. Thanks for the visit.

Forgetful, thank you so much

Kass, That's kinda how I feel today :D

Betchai, Thanks so much :)

Ann, I know, even the original looks a little weird :D Thanks
rainfield61 said…
Both are mysterious.
Siromade said…
What a terrific photo of the wood. Thanks for stopping by on my new blog.
Rainfield, yes and that's why I like them, the mystery :)

Siromade Thank you and you are welcome. I enjoyed your blog.
magiceye said…
wonderful work!
magic, thank you so much
lina said…
ooo... funky image after the enhancement. :)
RNSANE said…
Very interesting, Jo...if you hadn't shown the original, I would never have known it was a tree trunk in your second photo.

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