San Francisco Botanical Garden Photo Contest

I'm excited to announce the SF Botanical Gardens first contest. We will be offering more contests and challenges in the weeks and months to come. This is a photo contest and open to all who Join/Like our Facebook page. There are two steps to enter the contest.

1. If you are not already a member of our page, join. Go to our Facebook Page by clicking here.

2. Upload one photo to our page which you took while at our botanical gardens along with a short blurb about the inspiration behind the photo. Now we realize many of you have not visited our gardens. That is okay, you can still enter to win. Upload a favorite garden inspired photo with your own inspirations.

The contest will be ongoing from now through July 31st. The winner will receive a 1gb memory card for your camera along with an 8 x 10 print of the Meconopsis Grandis (Blue Himalayan Poppy) as seen in the above photo and photographed by yours truly, Joanne Olivieri at the gardens a few weeks ago. The winner will be announced on August l, 2010.

Please tell your friends and get the word out. Thank you and Good Luck.

The comments will be turned off on this post. Simply click on the links to the Botanical Gardens facebook page to join and enter the contest. Here again is the link. Scroll down to the post on the page which displays the contest.!/pages/San-Francisco-CA/San-Francisco-Botanical-Garden/105123422856183

I know you all are creative and talented photographers so please join in the fun, tell your friends and good luck!

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