Macro Monday - A Little Exotic

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Kass said…
I love these creatures.
Secondary Roads said…
A little? Fantabulous!

Like something from outer space. Wildly beautiful.
Kass, I love the exotic looks too, they fascinate me.

Chuck, They may be LOL! Thank you
Jess said…
Wow, those first two are just fascinating! Beautiful work.
Thank you so much, Jess, glad you enjoyed them.
Anonymous said…
seriously stupendous. love seeing exotic flowers
betchai said…
very excotic Jo, love all of them. the details in each pic are awesome.
Kala said…
I love the details of the back of the blue flower.
Ann said…
Those are very exotic looking. I've never seen anything like those before. Very cool
Manang Kim said…
Oh wow they are so exotic and very defensive kind of blossoms. ^_^ Happy Monday!

A fly
maiaT said…
Beautiful exotic flowers. The last two plants are very interesting.
Excellent macros, all of them.
dancingmatilda, thank you, I love the exotics as well

betchai, thanks :)

Kala, I know it's pretty cool and unique. Thanks.

Ann, I see many unique ones at the gardens, that's why I love it so much

Manang, thank you.

maia, Thanks so much for the kind compliment.
Icy BC said…
Oh they are very exotic, Jo, not little! I have not seen these types of blooms before..What a feast.
EG Wow said…
I recognize the nigella but what is the first photo?
Dani said…
So happy to see these beauties. THANK you a million!

Have a sweet week!
lisaschaos said…
Just a little? Wow these are all fabulous and very exotic!
CM said…
Wow, so cool! What on earth are they???
Anonymous said…
A truly fascinating series of well done images.
Icy, it always surprises me out there, what I see, Thanks.

EG, it is from the proteacea family but I don't remember the name.

Dani, thank you and you have a wonderful week as well.

lisa, thank you I love the exotics :)

aware, thank you so much.

CM, The first two are from the Protea family, the second two are Nigella Damascene and the third, I have no idea :) I don't remember the name.
Anonymous said…
So bright and happy, spectacular!
Indrani said…
It is a different world altogether there. Great captures.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Truly such an exotic fanfare! Did you shoot these in the Botanical Garden too?

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