Tender Blossoms


DK Miller said…
Absolutely beautiful!
An iris- yes? It looks velvety soft.
Diane, thank you so much :)

Adrienne, Yes, I took it in the botanical gardens and it was just so soft and beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.
Kass said…
Elegance and sensuality.
SquirrelQueen said…
What a beautiful shot of the iris, mine are long gone.
Sheri said…
Oh that's so beautiful and pure.
Kass, you noticed that as well? Thank you.

Squirrel, There are some still in bloom at the gardens.

Sheri, Thank you so much.
Ann said…
Gorgeous shot and the haiku if wonderful. It's a perfect match.
ruthi said…
it looks very delicate and beautiful... nice verse too.
Ann, aw, thank you for your kind words.

ruthi, thank you my friend.

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