Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday
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RNSANE said…
Very interesting shots, Miss Jo...but your camera is also bursting with them. They are always beauties.
SquirrelQueen said…
Great shots. When the second one is enlarged it shows the velvety texture of the petals.
betchai said…
wow Jo, the details are awesome, stunning!
Thank you Carmen, and so is yours :)

Squirrel, I know, I love macro shots, thank you.

Betchai, Thanks so much my friend.
Anonymous said…
Surely worth to spend two,three, four looks - beautiful. Please have a great new week.

daily athens
AVCr8teur said…
Unusual looking. Your flower collection is endless.
Jan said…
Very unusual flowers you've shown.
Anonymous said…
what fascinating details....sometimes nature almost looks like it's from a different planet!
Ann said…
Very nice. You get good results straight out of the camera. Those are some very unique looking flowers.
ruthi said…
another great shots. great capture and great detail.
Jan n Jer said…
Very interesting and different. Great shots.
Robert, thanks so much and to you as well.

Karen, it really is :D

Jan, thanks, they are unique :)

dancingmatilda, HaHa, yes and these both do :)

Ann, thanks, they came out not too blurry which is always good :)

Thanks so much, Ruthi

Jan n Jer, Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Your next blog Jo must be a tutorial about photography. You're an authority now.

Love these shots.
Icy BC said…
Great shots, and fantastic macros, Jo..Just beautiful!

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