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Snow Goddess

Her eyes reflectthe Sun's kissas she walks
upon water.
Her wisdom tracedon paw print sandsas she softly treads
along the shore.
She dreams
of snow laden earth
while paws frolic
upon icy sea foam.
Sabrina, goddess of snow
spreads warmth melts heartson Winter's playground.
with love...

Sunset Over Victoria Harbor In Hong Kong

And the sun retreats high aglow orange canvas where I’ve seen this same glow half a world away on a different horizon.
And the daylight verbiage quelled by deafening quiet whispers secrets to passerby clouds never remembered.
And the harbour bids “farewell Sun Goddess” drowning in darkness gently awaiting a symphony of lights.
Until we meet again…

My Love Sense

speaks in silence
the unconditional
stanzaic interlude
between heart and soul.
Never wanting
always waiting
to give freely
and openly.

does not see color
nor stereotypical
ego branded persona.
As spirit seer
pure love
accepts all
with understanding
and patience.

hears beyond sound
soft whispers
of heartstrings
playing in rhythm
the quiet song -
a deafening simplicity
defining uniqueness
to authentic self.

tastes the sweet n sour
of daily imperfections
savoring the bitter
with the sweet.
The perfect blend
providing nourishment
for the heart
digesting the mix.

smells indifference
and recoils at the
nauseous self righteous
stench of the arrogant
yet embraces the
empowering odor
of forgiveness -
a scent of healing.

touches softly
hearts who hear,
minds who see,
spirits who know
the freedom to give
inherent deep within
our soul
without expectation -


Sleep Travel

My dreams
carry me away
to a land foreign
yet as familiar
as home

flying through
ancient temples
market streets
lush green
and mystical mountains.

I awaken
with tears of joy
and sorrow
for I am not there

until I return
my dreams
will embrace
the far off land
within my heart.

Jubilee Street

Smoky incenseorange, mango and pearoffered to buddhain a wooden alcove.The street lined as a red carpet eventwith paper lanternsgreen, pink, red, gold.Hand woven basketshome to fruits, flowersbok choy and cabbagestrewn among street stalls.Neighbors along the street,raw silk, pots and pans,souvenirs and toyscompete for attention
and the Hong Kong dollar.