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I gave you the sun


Sammers Gotcha Day

  Good beautiful morning! It's a very special day today.  Happy Gotcha day to my sweet Sammers who came to live with me 4 years ago today and changed my life forever. He wakes me up each day with a song and gives me kisses throughout the day and at bedtime. We sing and dance each day, he is a born entertainer and loves music, and.he puts a smile on my face 24/7. He is my heart and my world. I love you my baby boy beeper🎶🎵🐦🐦🐦❤️❤️❤️

Sunday morning thought

  Just a Sunday thought and photo for you. As we get older we realize there's nothing more important in this world than those we love whether family, friends or feathered and fur babies. They are the only things that mean anything. Work,and even our passions in life mean nothing without those we love❤️❤️🐦

A Twinkle In Your Eyes

  twinkle in your eyes music plays your heart and soul a bird song duet...