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BIO: Joanne Olivieri is a gifted poet and photographer who was born, raised and currently resides in San Francisco, California. At age ten, her mother bought Joanne her first book of poetry called Speak Nature by James Walker, which was a series of nature poems in traditional rhyme and meter. She fell in love with poetry after reading this book and took it everywhere with her. She remembers sitting in a civics class in the 7th grade, bored to tears, when she penned her first poem titled "One." She's been writing ever since.

With no formal training as a writer, other than a creative writing class in high school, Joanne learned her craft the old fashioned way, by reading. She applauds Longfellow, Poe, Byron, Marlowe, Keats, Plath, Gu Cheng and Angelou as a few of her many favorites. Joanne derives her inspiration from nature, music, cultural diversity, and anything that profoundly touches her spirit.

Her poetry has been published in numerous poetry anthologies and print and online publications, such as The San Diego Arts and Poets Magazine, Jerry Jazz Musician,Haikuuniverse.comBlack Poppy ReviewPPP Ezine - Read my interview at PPP EzineThe Art and Craft of Poetry by Joanne Olivieri at PPP, Shadows Ink Chapbooks, SP Quill Magazine, SoMa Literary Review, Things Asian Online Travel Website,Tango Diva,the India based Eternity Magazine, The Hong Kong based Terracotta Typewriter and many more.  She was the featured poet for April 2014 in Coalesce Lit Mag.

After an impromptu vacation in Hong Kong visiting her friend jazz recording artist Sony Holland, for whom Joanne worked as a personal assistant, she returned back home completely inspired by her journey, and as she puts it, "the creative flow was definitely flowing for over two months. I simply could not stop writing." The result? Red Lanterns, her first poetry chapbook was born.

Joanne is a member of The Online International Library of Contemporary Poets and The World Poets Society. She has written for RainTiger Magazine, and Virtual Tourist's San Francisco Travel Guide. Her poem "salt and pepper" was published on celebrity Leeza Gibbon's website in April 2007. Joanne acted as a consultant and poetry guide for world renowned pianist Cristiana Pegoraro.  Her photography appears on The San Francisco Botanical Garden website as well as information and promotional materials.  Joanne's photo Shakespeare Garden appeared in Parent and Child Magazine at Scholastic, Inc. Her photos also appear on Impex Beverages and The Whisky Shop in San Francisco, through June 2015.  Her photos have been used by Omni Appraisers in Los Angeles, California.

Joanne's poem "Symphony Of Lights" from her chapbook Red Lanterns was chosen as one of the 300 Short Listed Entries in the initial round of the Cathay Pacific Airways - 100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong contest for July 2007. As a result, Joanne was awarded a round trip ticket to Hong Kong for her winning entry.

Joanne is the founder and editor of Stanzaic Stylings
Literary Ezine and Yasou! A Celebration of Life.

Joanne enjoys reading, writing, collecting old poetry books, live musicc oncerts, roaming art galleries and museums, leisurely lunches with friends in diners, getting out in nature with her camera and making toys
for and playing with her feathered companion, Sammers. She volunterrs as a moderator for a Cockatiel Facebook group based in Australia.

You can learn all there is to know about her by visiting her website/blog

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