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Sunday Dinner

3/29/24 - 7/9/94

Sunday Dinner
For Mom
Pass the parmesan, Uncle Louieand let's toast with the family chianti!"Mia familia mangia con gustoGenovese pasta con pesto"Papa, may I be excused?"Hey Franco, chew your food"Papa, but I have a date!"If he respects you, he will wait"Aunt Maria, you're sitting so quiet"Forgive her, she's on a diet"
Mama can't hear herself thinkshe just smiles and sips her drink.
Her family is together.

Writer's Block

She awaitsthe rise of the moonwhen the call of the wildimbues creative energieswaiting to be set free.
The notebook paperstares back at hernaked, a desolate wildernessdesperately longingto be clothed in artistic garb.
Her pen a broken instrumentwith which she holds on for life yet falls dead within her fingersand the paper sits bare, aloneclinging to nothingnessdevoid of essence.
With the slow demiseof her cerebral fashionistathe paper seems familiaras it mirrors the blank corridorsof her mind.
Sanitized by it's emptinessboth mind and paper And the silence is deafening.
A quiet oasis begging for the wind to breathe lifeinto this mindless desert,yet the wind stifledand her thoughts stand stillgoing nowhere.
Though enticing as it seemsthis recycled slab of wood pulplies undistinguisheda bare bones formwithout meaning,just as her mindsits unknownin skeletal remainswithout image.
And she writes.

4:00 am madness

Startled, I awaken in an anxiety born stupor. It's 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning. In the distance a siren announces a 911 while a car alarm bellows out of control. Cars race an uncontrollable rage through empty streets. Light flickers through my window yet I know there is no light outside other than the moon displaying it's devilish grin. Is it a warning? I scare myself into blind paralysis. Staring into oblivion my body is frozen with fear. The incessant ticking of the clock - a breathing crescendo drowning my pulse. Paper rustling outside my door though the wind silent. Is it the house settling? A raccoon rummaging? Or, is it my mind damning my sensibilities?

Haunting memories invade speaking to me in tongues, unexplained. Nocturnal entities without form parade the darkness. I shrink under the covers yet the unheard and unseen more frightening than the perception of reality I cannot escape. A sudden scream wails from a neighboring house and my senses freeze. It becomes difficult t…

nameless faces

Walking foreign steps to the rhythm of taiko the pulse of erhu dancing buddhas.
Cantonese croonings lotus flower soft silk smooth operatic chants.
Lanterns parade a welcome smile nameless faces yet known.
Humid mist Eastern breeze incense fog scents of life.
and the journey begins