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Belladonna lLily


Afternoon Sky

Afternoon Sky over Ocean Beach in San Francisco
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Bay Waters

The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

Along the Embarcadero

Yachts along the San Francisco Bay
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Japanese Iris

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Floral Smiles

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Hasn't Been The Same Around Here

Sony Holland and Jerry Holland's new video - a rockabilly song about San Francisco gentrification with heart and soul and a little sass and class. Check it out and share it. Thanks.

Rockaway Beach in Pacifica, CA.

I spent a few days at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica as the first leg of my staycation.  I love the bay area and my home in San Francisco so this was the perfect way to spend the beginning of my week. Enjoy!

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My World Vision Story

I write this post with a sad heart. I decided to go ahead and tell you my story so that if you were considering donating to World Vision or any other charity my story may help you make an educated decision.

I came across World Vision a while ago and wanted to go ahead and sponsor a couple of children.  The idea of helping these children and their families was of the utmost importance to me.  I went ahead and did research on World Vision and after countless hours decided to go ahead and sponsor two children - Cinthia who you see in the above photo and Victor.

Within a few weeks I received my packets from both of them including their info, pics etc... I was ecstatic that I was going to be able to help these two in some small way to live a better life.  It cost me $35.00 per child, per month to sponsor both of them.  That actually is quite a bit of money for me but I thought, well, I could give up a dinner out per month in order to help them.  I setup and automatic giving account so tha…

The Camellia

The Camellia a Poem
fanciful garb in a garden so fair.
Delicious petals so soft and fragile protect hidden gems.
Dewdrop kissed by rains refreshed.
A showstopper parading pink hues at nature's red carpet event.

Happy Easter Everyone


Night Visions

Night Visions

Streets, dark, empty musical noir sax hits exotic highs filling the emptiness of broken sidewalks illuminated by the moon.
Firecrackers ablaze while street lamps flicker burnt fog lurks through narrow corridors and the stillness speaks a jazz riff.
See more of my jazz writings at Jerry Jazz Musician
Photo taken by me and digitally enhanced.

Playing The Guzheng

I attended the Lunar New Year celebration at the San Francisco Botanical Garden and was awed by the Guzheng performances.  The photo above and video below were taken at the garden by me during the performance,

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Be Thankful For Your Job

First let me say that though I never have been able to relate to Charles Bukowski in any way, shape or form,  this quote was perfect for this particular blog post.
There are those of us who have careers, those who work regular jobs to pay bills and put food on the table and those who have no income at all.  
I have never been career minded at all.  I have always wanted to write poetry and take photos.  However, I was never able to make a living on these creative pursuits.  I have been paid at times, I have won awards and a trip to Hong Kong for my poetry of which I am very thankful.
I work the everyday 9 to 5 as most people, though in my case it's 12 to 8.  It's easy to complain about a job as Bukowski has so bluntly described with the above quote.  We all complain to some extent about our jobs.  I know I do, until I "saw the light" so to speak about what I do each day.
My main job is to take photos of products and write descriptions while promoting these products o…

Tenzing The Red Panda

This is Tenzing, the Red Panda who lives at the San Francisco zoo.  This is the first time I have been lucky enough to capture closeups of him.

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Magnificent Magnolias

The magnolias are in full bloom right now at the San Francisco Botanical Garden.  These photos were taken a couple of days ago.

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Purple Blooms In Darkness

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St. Cecilia Church

These photos were taken at St. Cecilia church here in San Francisco, CA, where I attended catholic school for eight years.  The church itself is gorgeous and has some beautiful architecture with stained glass windows and doors.
Photo from the inside of the church 
Same photo from the outside of the church
Stained glass windows inside
More stained glass windows
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Water Reflections

Photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden in San Francisco

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