Be Thankful For Your Job

First let me say that though I never have been able to relate to Charles Bukowski in any way, shape or form,  this quote was perfect for this particular blog post.

There are those of us who have careers, those who work regular jobs to pay bills and put food on the table and those who have no income at all.  

I have never been career minded at all.  I have always wanted to write poetry and take photos.  However, I was never able to make a living on these creative pursuits.  I have been paid at times, I have won awards and a trip to Hong Kong for my poetry of which I am very thankful.

I work the everyday 9 to 5 as most people, though in my case it's 12 to 8.  It's easy to complain about a job as Bukowski has so bluntly described with the above quote.  We all complain to some extent about our jobs.  I know I do, until I "saw the light" so to speak about what I do each day.

My main job is to take photos of products and write descriptions while promoting these products online.  So, essentially I am being paid for my photography and writing. Not to mention I am learning something new each day.

It is all in the way you look at things.  I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity to make a living doing what I love to do.  Changing our attitude creates happiness.


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