Old Chinese proverb - If you want to be happy all your life, plant a garden.

Old Chinese proverb - If you want to be happy all your life, plant a garden.

Photos Taken @ The SF Botanical Gardens

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I won't be posting much on this blog if at all in the next couple of weeks so I wanted to leave you with some garden photos.



Ann said…
those are wonderful shots. I could be happy in that gaden
Thanks Ann, How about we trade for a little while, you come here and enjoy the gardens while I come out there and play with Duke :)
rainfield61 said…
If you want to be happier, go to the jungle.
Rainfield, absolutely, you are so wise. I will have to come out there one of these days so you can show me around.
betchai said…
oh, so true Jo, and I am seconding Rainfield, the garden at home makes me happy everyday, but each time i go to jungle, it makes me happier, only that I can not go to jungle everyday, but I can see my garden everyday!! Gardening is very therapeutic. I love plants and flowers.
betchai, I feel the same. I have to admit that although I'm not a very religious person, when I am in a gardens setting or around trees and nature I certainly feel that spirituality and inspiration.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photos of the garden! It's true that having a garden to tend to, made me very happy.

Why are you not posting on this blog, Jo? I hope everything is ok..
Icy, You're sweet. I am fine. Just a couple of hectic weeks coming up. This week I'm focused on the estate sale and eBay just came up with some new policies so I have to go through my store and tweak everything before the end of the month. Then next week my friends from LA come here so I unfortunately don't have much time for the blogs. Thanks for the sweet comment.
Andrea said…
That is very true, those who are near maintained botanical gardens are very privileged, and those who stay in their homes everyday to see and tend their plants are blessed. I hope i am like you!
Linnea said…
Gardens do bring happiness, don't they! I especially love gardens with Japanese lanterns.

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