Thursday Two Questions Meme - Sexual Chocolate?

When Carmen and I take our jaunts around the city we always like to find something new. We had an 8 hour filled day last week roaming the Noe Valley neighborhood, photographing anything that caught our eye, talking to some of the friendliest people in the city and of course checking out new eateries.

We found this little spot on the corner of Dolores and Valley streets called Noeteca -

The chocolate trio cake caught my eye instantly even though I had a waffle just an hour before. I never deny myself food anymore. Life is too short. Upon checking the wine list we came across the Sexual Chocolate wine which believe me is truly a sexual experience :) The wine is to die for. Plus, how can you pass up a wine with that name? It was, I have to admit one of the best wines I've tasted. All in all I loved this spot and will go back soon.

My two questions for you today are:

1. When you go out to eat do you normally frequent your favorite spots or do you enjoy trying new places?

2. Look at the last photo on this post and tell me who's reflection is in the glass? This ? may be too easy for some of you :)

Thursday Two Questions
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Self Sagacity said…
I am looking up that wine! haha. That does sound so delicious already. Gees, I can't even see a reflection to tell you the truth, but I would guess it is you, since you probably took the photo of the bottle?
Ok- wait a minute, you said the "last" photo, not the previous. And yes, the last photo does have a reflection and it would be Carmen's.
We normally start out by wanting to try something different, then usually at the last minute, we chicken out and just go to one of our favorites. The feeling of disappointment is too hard to take...hehe, so we rather be happy and satisfy.
RNSANE said…
That is so hysterical, Jo. I love trying someplace new and usually do, especially if I am with you..but, when we find someplace we love, we go back.

That happy photo of me is hysterical!
SquirrelQueen said…
We have a few favorite spots locally but when we travel we rarely go to the same place twice. I always like to try new that wine. I'm going to look for it too.

Duni said…
I don't drink any alcohol, but I wouldn't mind a piece of that chocolate cake! YUM!
I do love trying out new places to eat, but we usually have to travel far.
Icy BC said…
LOL..Carmen is drunk! :-) or maybe having a little sexual chocolate experience. I want some of that wine, Now!

When going out, I like to stick to places that I know especially around my area, but if I'm in a different city, I don't mind trying out new places.
Cathy Kennedy said…
We love eating out, but it's rare. One of my husband's hobbies is to scout out restaurants. If he finds a new place, then we try to visit it as soon as we can. We do have several favorites, which always get our attention a couple of times each year.

I see a reflection, but I'm unsure of who it is. Amanda said I'd say she's correct, huh?

Have a good day!
Thanks to all of you, this was a fun post :D And yes, Amanda it is Carmen. I knew that some of you would get that right away.
JamericanSpice said…
We go out to eat so rarely that when I do go I just want to eat at my favorite spot.

And I see the reflection , but I'm thinking it's you? :)

Anonymous said…
I love the photo of Carmen. What a hoot! You two rock!
Smiles, Chey

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