Thursday Two Questions Meme - Oddities

Normally I Would Say Click Photos To Enlarge
However In This Case, I Doubt You'd Want To See These Up Close :D

For some time now this "carpeted car" has been displayed on a wheeled platform out here in my neighborhood about a block away from my apartment. Now, in San Francisco oddities such as this are normal. Most people walk by it without even a glance. I, however, wanted to get photos and bring it to you today.

My two questions are:

1. Do you see oddities such as this car in your neighborhood?

2. What is the weirdest thing you've seen in your neighborhood?

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Icy BC said…
Our city ordinance won't allow things like this even on our driveway. They have worker drives around and ticket you if your broken car is parked too long.

That's one odd and strange looking carpeted car.
Brenda H said…
1- I don't really see any oddities in my neighborhood here or where I grew up.

2- The weirdest thing we have in our neighborhood is an ice cream truck... and so I'd consider us a pretty normal neighborhood!

I have always wanted to visit San Fran!
Icy, there are people that park their cars in and around Golden gate park for weeks on end and no one ever does anything. It really is a strange one but normal for my part of the world :D

Brenda,I would love to see ice creams trucks here although I'd be spending all my money on the ice cream :) You should come visit one of these days.
rainfield61 said…
I do see oddities in my neighborhood.

I myself am the weirdest thing I've seen in my neighborhood: an little old gaga man.
Rainfield, you crack me up. You are just adorable :)
Self Sagacity said…
1) I had the same thought about how they could get away with parking the car there. The neighborhoods I am familiar with will call the cops for any parking issues. They don't even like to have neighbors' cars parking in front of their curbs.
2) I am very focus, or distracted...therefore I don't observe much outside of what I need to do. There isn't much around where we live that is abnormal. But occasionally I would see strange graffiti- something I would say: why would anyone risk the trouble and waste the time?
SquirrelQueen said…
The carpeted car is definitely odd. Where we live now I don't any oddities in our neighborhood but occasional around town. There is a rather strange vehicle I see around town sometimes. It is all different colors and has things like cow horns, dolls, etc glued to the body.
Heavensent1 said…
1. Hmmm...I don't think so...we're a conservative family is the oddest family on the block...or is that wingnuts?? LOL...something like that anyhows!

2. The people are seriously, we have an insane asylum in this city and when they let them folks out for the day...OH ME...OH MY...they are the strangest lot of folks you could imagine...
JamericanSpice said…
That is so cool and weird :)

No I've never seen anything like this in my neighborhood or anything weird really and I'm always watching :)
Jean said…
LOL, how interesting. I've been trying to come up with a reason why one would own something like this, or create something like this, or display it. You poor thing. In your neighborhood, you say. I live in the most boring neighborhood, nothing so flashy. :(
RNSANE said…
I am laughing so much at rainfield's statement! I must say, though, you live in a very interesting neighborhood, Jo. We have gotten some downright outrageous pictures around there...though who am I to talk. Mine is equally as bizarre!

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