Watery Wednesday - Dew Drops On Leaf

Taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Click Photo To Enlarge

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march on... said…
lovely! very vivid :)
Evelyn said…
I love water droplets on leaves. That is a great shot - love the shadows too.
march on, thanks so much.

Evelyn, Thanks for visiting and commenting.
chasity said…
it looks so cool and refreshing.
a great shot!
Emille said…
Wow! The diagonal angle is really intriguing!
Josep said…
Amazing, I so like the shadowy drops and the black background, it suggests a lush forest. You make me want to participate in Watery Wednesday.
gengen said…
You have a pretty shot...cool! happy WW!
Naturegirl said…
Very well done! Like diamonds sparkling!
Andrea said…
I love it! I also posted some raindrops in my latest. We are having chains of typhoons and tropical storms, ITCZs too, so we have floods!

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