Sundays In My City - Union Square, Lefty O'Douls and The SF Botanical Gardens

Temperate Asia Garden @ The San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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@ Union Square in San Francisco

@ Lefty O'Douls in San Francisco - My friends Gloria and Lana with me behind the camera,
before the food and wine :)

Unknown Mami

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Icy BC said…
Looks like you had a great day out, Jo! Have a nice Sunday.
Anonymous said…
Fun Photos! I love the stone head in the leaves.

RNSANE said…
You should have gotten a shot AFTER the food an wine! You sure do get around. How come I never get invited to Lefty O'Doul's?
Icy, We did have a nice time. You have a great Sunday as well.

Shelley, Thanks I do too, that is new in the gardens and I love it.

Carmen, We were in no position to take photos after the food and wine :) That was taken a couple of weeks ago. We'll have to go there soon.
Unknown Mami said…
I've enjoyed quite a few meals at Lefty's. I'm loving your header picture.

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