Thursday Two Questions Meme - What Catches Your Eye?

Taken at Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Taken at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco

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I have to admit that I am strange. While I love taking photos of flowers, trees and your normal nature shots, the things that catch my eye are fallen leaves, rocks and anything else I find interesting lying on the ground. Does this mean I'm grounded? :)

Seriously though, while at the beach a couple of days ago I was snapping away at the waves, like normal people when I stumbled across the first photo and I just got so excited to see that rock with it's shadow laying on the ground. Why? I have no idea but out of all the photos I took that day this was one of my favorites - a rock lying in the sand.

A day earlier I was walking in my favorite gardens snapping away at flowers and trees, like normal people, when I spotted dried/dead leaves that had dropped from a tree onto the ground with a puddle of water over them. Again, I was mesmerized by these leaves. Again, I have no idea why. I may need to see a therapist.

These are my two questions for you this week.

1. Whether you are a photographer or not, what is it that catches your eye when you are out and about?

2. Are you fascinated by out of the ordinary things?

Thursday Two Questions
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betchai said…
1. you have an extraordinary eye Jo, those sights are seen by a few which oftentimes are taken for granted. when i am out and about, i do not really have a specific object in search of, but just pay attention to what catches my heart's inspiration.
2. yes, i do, the desert is always regarded by many as wasteland, but somehow, i find it so deep in beauty.
betchai, Your passion shines through in all of your photos and especially the desert shots. You bring us to a new way of viewing nature.
Icy BC said…
1) I think you're grounded with artistic eyes, Jo! You see beauty, and they mesmerized you. So many things catch my eyes, but mostly the neglected things.

2) I'm captivated by ordinary things or things that often don't scream out for attention.

Your photos are beautiful!
♥~Judy~♥ said…
Jo, when you find the therapist you will convert him or her when they see your photos! I love that first one. And no, you are not nuts, unless I am too!
Andrea said…
That is also mostly my preoccupation when I am out. And my latest post came to me that way. Even if i have been seeing that same thing many times, sometimes a spur of the moment change the flow in our heads. By the way, that stone might be encorporating emeralds or jades, hehe, there are many luminous green patches in it. I love it in my garden. If i were you i might have clung on it home.
SquirrelQueen said…
My husband says I am easily distracted by shiny things, a drop of water on a flower for instance. I might be taking photos of a tree when a single leaf catches my eye.

From looking at photos on other blogs it seems that those with an interest in macro photography seem to look beyond the ordinary. We tend to look for the little things in the bigger picture more so than others I think.
Icy, I am the same. And, that's what makes your photos so wonderful. You are an artist at heart :)

Judy, awwww thanks for the inspiring words.

Andrea, you may be right about that rock. I should have taken it home :)

Squirrel, I think you are right. Though I do take regular shots, my mind is always thinking macro so I see the tiniest of wonders.
Antony (Northerlight from RG) said…
Whoops, I think I may be in the queue for the therapist too. You're right.It's not always the 'view' that catches he eye. Its seeing the things others dont always see, or seeing them from a different perspective; the leaf, the pebble,the face in the tree trunk the list is endless. Not everyone agrees though!
Self Sagacity said…
Hi Jo, yes, I would say you are in need of a therapist. Smiles. I think most of us do. Especially artists. People who can be creative needs stimulation such as- out of the ordinary things. I have often feel and done the same things you did here. For example, your first photo captured my eyes from the left side...which looks like a footprint. That's interesting to me, because it leads my mind to wondering is it really? Or is it from the force of water that made indentation in the sand that way...? Is it the rock...see? Fascinating stuff eh? Thanks for playing this week, have a good weekend in this beautiful weather.
I'm not a photographer but am aspiring to be..what normally catches my eyes are unusual structures and flowers which I see.
JamericanSpice said…
Beautiful shots!

Everything captures my eye. The shape of a cloud to ants trying to move a huge piece of crumb :) I watched them do this for about 20 minutes yesterday :)


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