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Summer Flower Fun

All Photos Taken At The San Francisco Zoo

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Today's Flowers

Cardoon Photos taken at the Dahlia Garden and the San Francisco zoo
Stargazer Lily
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Nap Time At The Zoo

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Our World Tuesday Memories and Moving Forward

San Francisco Botanical Garden Moon Viewing Garden One of my favorite spots in the garden.
The garden has given me so much joy and these photos are from my archives of over 4,000 photos.  It has been a little over a month and though I still miss the garden, it is time to move on.  My memories are embedded within my heart.

The Wildfowl Pond where all my wildlife buddies would hang out all day.
My place of rest and renewal in Temperate Asia
I so miss my feathered friends singing to me each day.

My favorite tree, the Chinese chestnut tree.
Shannon watering, Thursdays at the main gate.
Shioko, my friend you are the angel of the gardens.  I'll be seeing you at McClellan.
A rarity in the SF garden, my favorite lily, the stargazer.
The monkey hand tree, one of the best shots I ever took in the garden :)
There's a trick to the Graceful Exit.
It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage,
a relationship is over - and to let go.
It means leaving what's over without denying its v…

Macro Monday 2 Protea Cynaroides South Africa

Source: Photo taken at the San Francisco Botanical Garden Source: Protea Cynaroides (King Protea) Taken at the SFBGS
History Plants from South Africa were being sold to Northern California around the Gold Rush days. Since then, many South African plants became available to California gardeners. These plants are drought tolerant and an excellent choice for California gardens. The South Africa garden at the San Francisco Botanical Garden was designed and planted in 1985. The Western facing slope and three planting beds are separated by paths and waist high retaining walls. The walls retain the heat of the sun and transfer that heat to the beds behind them. Benches that reside along that path provide protection from the wind. South Africa has a similar climate to San Francisco which has dry Summers and mild wet Winters which is why these exotic beauties do so well in the garden. These plants are able to survive long dry rain free Summers. This particular garden area displays how well th…

Owls at the San Francisco Zoo

Source: Photo of the Eurasian Eagle Owl taken at the San Francisco zoo.
A Story Of Survival. The San Francisco zoo is a haven for rescued wildlife and the owl population is no exception. Meet Athena as pictured above. She is the Eurasian Eagle Owl who lives in the Children's zoo and is cared for by the Koret Animal Resource Center at theSan Francisco zoo.. It is illegal to import owls and birds in general into the United States because they can carry disease. Nevertheless, a smuggler back in 2005 thought he would bring in over a dozen owl eggs into the country by dyeing the eggs to look like Easter eggs and sell them for over five thousand dollars a piece. Only three of those survived and one of them was Athena. She was rescued by the United States Fish and Wildlife service at the San Francisco airport and was brought to the San Francisco zoo for her own protection and to receive the care she needed after her traumatic event. Because her first imprint (meaning the first impression…

The Dahlia Garden Golden Gate Park Floral Friday Fotos

Photos taken at the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park

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